Xiaomi Mi3 Becomes a Nightmare for Customers, Horrible Flipkart Support, and Product Quality

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Flipkart Xiaomi Mi3Xiaomi Mi3 is considered to be one of the best VFM Android smartphones by analysts, but alas, the ground reality is far from the impression which its too good to be true spec sheet tries to project.

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Xiaomi Mi3 users take to Mi India fanpage to express their frustration

Several enraged Xiaomi Mi3 customers have now taken it upon themselves to fill the official Mi India fanpage at Facebook, with reports of how their newly bought smartphone has turned out to be a nightmare for them. Apparently, apart from suffering from severe manufacturing defects such as the SIM tray not working properly, exceptionally low screen quality for a smartphone which is supposed to have Gorilla Glass 3, troubles with the microUSB port, and unusually high overheating issues, the phone is also suffering from some serious software bugs, such as contacts mysteriously not showing up when accessed through the dialer app, and several other complaints of unstable software and random WiFi/cellular signal drops.

To prove that the mic module of their phone is defected, one user actually went ahead and created a video to warn other potential Xiaomi Mi3 customers about what they’re getting themselves into.

Flipkart issues a replacement unit for a customer, but cancels it later

What is even worse is that, even though Xiaomi Mi3’s official product listing page on Flipkart clearly states that the customers are entitled for “1 year manufacturer warranty for the phone,” so far we’re yet to find even a single customer who was able to get his phone replaced successfully (one user has been waiting for nearly 3 weeks now).

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To top off all the shortage issues, Flipkart’s customer support isn’t exactly the most helpful either. For instance, in the first Facebook post linked above which talks about the defect with the SIM tray, Flipkart made a frustrated customer, Vinay Lahoti, wait for 2 whole days before ‘issuing’ a replacement (after struggling to explain the issue to an untrained Flipkart customer support rep for hours, of course). However, they actually cancelled his replacement unit the very next day, even though they supplied him with all the standard shipping information, as well as a genuine tracking number. As of writing this story, it has already been 22 days since the replacement was ‘issued’, and about 24 days since Vinay Lahoti first notified Flipkart about the defect in his Mi3 device. For now, he is left with a defective smartphone which can not make phone calls, since it cannot house in a SIM card. We could go on listing atleast a few more such incidents, but in the interest of time, we’re containing ourselves to this one particular incident for now.

Mi India deleting customer posts on their fanpage?

While we have no way of actually confirming this, some users have also complained that not only are Flipkart customer support representatives unable to solve their problems, their posts regarding these issues are intentionally being deleted from the official Mi India page. To be on the safer side, we’ve included a screenshot gallery of all the Facebook posts that have been mentioned above.

Whatever the case, Flipkart and Xiaomi still have a chance to fix all this and issue replacements for the defective units. Were you planning to order a Xiaomi Mi3 from Flipkart? Will you still stick by your decision after reading the complaints of these frustrated users? Make sure to let us know in the comments section below.

Update: Since we first published our report, a number of Mi3 owners with similar problems contacted Mi India through Facebook. This post has now been modified to reflect these new complains as well.

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  1. Just FYI, I am one of the persons who recieved a defective Mi3 in the very first (38 minute) sale. The phone wouldn’t catch any cellular network apart from Vodafone and even Vodafone network would be out of range 85% of the time.

    I received my replacement a day before the 2nd sale started (so 1 week after my purchase, 5 days after registering my complaint).

  2. How can you say that you havent found any one person who has not got the replacement unit.. Do some homework before publishing anything.. And regarding those mic issues, they have been fixed already (i am myself a mi 3 owner). And regarding the screen, the users have to be responsible and careful with their phones. Gorilla glass protects from scratches, not pressure or impacts. Phones are delicate and have to handled with care. And one more thing.. All phones manufactured by companies are not bound to be perfect.. Even the samsung phones have manufacturing defects.. So its not correct to say that xiaomi phones are bad.. All phones can have defects and xiaomi is no exception. No other company offers such features at this price.. I guess the other companies are just not able to tolerate xiaomi’s success and are trying to defame it.

    • Hahahahah! Gorilla glass can’t protect from impact? Wait. U’re so stupid.

      “Gorilla Glass is a scratch- and impact-resistant glass that can be used on cell phones and other gadgets. ”

      That’s taken from gorilla glass website. Learn some shit idiot!

      • Please go and learn how to talk properly. And gorilla glass prevents an impact from getting it to the touchscreen. It will get cracked itself but would prevent the screen from damaging. If u dont know things properly, dont post them and if u really post, learn to be polite.

        • its clearly written that it is impact resistant. how else will it protect the screen? dumbass!! ofcourse u’ll say it when u’ve used nothing other than shitty xiaomi…!

          • Again you are talking in the same way. I am saying that it absorbs the impact limiting the crack to its own surface. It prevents the crack to propagate down to the screen and in this way the screen is saved. And Please.. i request you to stop abusing.

          • you are full of shit Karan, first learn things then talk. i have seen countless gorilla glass phones cracked including mine, and it protects the screen. and all these phones are from the top brands. if u dont know shit, dont yap around with stuff you google about. be practical or shut up instead of insulting others!

          • This is what happens when good for nothing idiots are allowed to comment! rolf. Dude grow up and learn how to write message. You are a total disgrace.

    • Is is very delicate to be honest. And its not like the first time we are using a smart phone. We have been using them for years and never faced a broken screen within 2 weeks of purchase. So it defenitly proves that screen is very very cheap.

  3. For God sake please don’t give us such silly bullshit reasons; as 1.5 Millions are not idiots, nor they are stupid to run behind such a fab device! When people receive faulty Samsung/Sony handsets from any E-Commerce in India; even after paying such a hefty amount, do you guys even bother to write a blog on that??

    Also these handsets are not TESTED in India, directly imported from China, hence there are chances of such defaults which are 10 out of 1000 sold pieces. (Taking Hardware faults into consideration, as the Software bugs can be fixed by next ROM updates)

    Sometimes Try appreciating big things, rather than highlighting such small instances.

    Now my question to you is pretty simple: ‘Did you even try using Mi3 before writing this blog?’ or, It’s just a random research made through FB, Twitter & so on?

    Also, ‘Why don’t you simply put up few 5 rated comments as well; which are posted on FB or, Flipkart..?’

    Being a critic you should not be such biased either.

    Use it, feel it & then possibly comment, else it’s just a waste of time!! 🙂

    • Yes buddy.. You are absolutely right. I too commented the same on this but this blogger seems to be really biased and didnt publish it while i didnt wrote any abusive language or annoying things in it.

    • I agree with you there. People are just too stupid to understand how things work and if they really wanted things to go their way then a brilliant phone like this can’t be sold so low.
      Worst part of all this are the angry people who can’t form a proper sentence and think that people will actually read their bullshit and give a damn about it.

    • I guess this can happen because Xiaomi (pronounced ़शीयाओमी) is a Chinese company, and you know the reputation of Chinese products…
      Just kidding, but by no means I’ll want to choose Mi3 coz
      1. It’s a single SIM device
      2. Doesn’t have stock Android
      3. No guarantee that it’ll get Android L
      But that doesn’t mean it’s a crap device, rather the opposite.
      And vasishath, I’ll have to respect your patience…

      • 1.single sim device, that is more of a personal preference thing. i would like my phone to have only one sim/one antenna to reduce power consumption and increase battery life.
        2.stock android can be obtained by rooting and changing roms. or by installing launchers to emulate the feeling of stock android. But trust me, MIUI grows on you after a week, i cant use stock android anymore 😛
        3.It is guaranteed to get android L actually, Hugo Barra issued a public statement about it 🙂

      • It would get android L but customized one. If you wish to tick with stock or custom ROMS you can always do that. After all its a snapdragon processor

  4. Oh no ! Hell no ! I’ve already ordered it and it’s on the way…so far it’s only been positive reviews feedback that I was so compelled to buy this phone, but after seeing this news, I’m so worried, God, please my phone be good, please..

    • Guys, what I was praying that shouldn’t happen has happened…I was cheated..can you believe it, i got a used phone delivered. I thought Xiaomi is gonna break the chinese phones notion, but unfortunately it has not been the case.
      1. ..how can I tell it’s an used phone is the phone is draining battery hell and when I checked the “battery use” option, found that more than 50% of it is being used by bluetooth that has been up for 42 days, I mean are your kidding me..how can it be up for 42 days while the company itself is not that old in India..also the “battery saving mode” is not available..
      2. Next problem, whenever checking for software and system updates, it is always showing an update available and when you donwload and update the fone, it boots up and again when you check for updates, it’s showing another update available and the same process repeats..
      3. The phone is heating like a frying pan..getting burned at the ear whenever using it for calling.

      Feeling Cheated 🙁

      • Nothing to feel cheated. Most handsets are tested before being sent over. Now if your handset have been originally packed by factory, you will understand it. Generally your battery, when it comes from the Factory will be half charged. I have bought almost 15 devices till date, and never saw a fully charged battery with it. Its ridiculous to even think about getting a full charged battery. Lol !!!

  5. So its been two weeks (approx.) since I got the phone. Got this in the third sale. It been a totally smooth affair using this phone since this is one of the top specd phone in the market.
    Has there been issues? Well yes. In the last 2 weeks it has a acted weird 2 times. Once a 2 second screen freeze and the other time just a little lag. Both happened while using the dialer app. So it seems it is a software bug.
    Talking of software, MIUI is good at offering updates. So it’s not a big issue after all. They’ll soon issue an update.
    Is this blog entry worth the info out provides? Well, couldn’t agree more with Arian.

  6. May be you are unlucky..! Or you are paid to write this.

    I got this fabulous phone on 23rd july and have pretty good experience so far. I agree that some time it gets warmer while using it for longer period. But screen resolution is perfect and processor performance is superb. I can not agree on your opinion for flipkart’s bed service. One of my friend placed a replacent request and surprisingly within a 2 days he got a replacement.

  7. Everyone knows about these Chinese companies.their products are mostly faulty.its just coz of flipkart that this much sale has been done.else this cheap china product would hv been destroyed by micromax or other indian brands.still I say go for indian brands and somewhat stable brands unlike this new brand which don’t even have proper customer service support.don’t run after features blindfolded.it may be a superb device,but still its very new and nobody knows much about it’s performance and customer support after sale.

    • Bro samsung/htc/sony products are not faulty ? Dont they jave bugs and defects ? U pay such a huge money to buy those phones and still you get defects.. Because its by nature. Technical defects can creep in even on the most tested products also. Dont think that xiaomi is just like any other chinese company. They are known for their high quality products. And this phone is already being sold in china and other countries for months and its proven that this is a very good phone. And jusf tell me, which company in india is offering you good after sales service. Every company is pathetic at that. So theres no point in comparing the after sales services. Moreover hugo barra has already said that they are implementing “repairs in 2 hrs or replace” policy in almost all service centers. Give them some time.

    • FYI micromax,lava , xolo any indian brand wont manufacture anything by themselves. they wont even assemble it in india. those are re-branded Chinese phones. some well known Chinese brands like gionee,xiaomi etc are the core manufacturers of spares that are used in our Indian mobiles and they are doing good in the market. its all about how we see things.

      people who know how to use a smartphone will not face any issue because they know that the bug is normal and will be resolved in the next update and will know how to troubleshoot a minor problems .

      trust me we have seen people how who drop there phone from staircase and expect phone to be intact like old nokia 1100 and going to service centre for replacement saying its a cheap Chinese mobile .

  8. Xiomi MI3 is an excellent device . I didn’t find any problems at all. Better than Samsung Galaxy S5 I was using before!
    I suggest you to buy one if u can manage to win from a 2 sec sale and be at peace!

  9. It’s been 3 days since I’m using this fone… And somehow I can’t just get my hands off it…. Such an awesome piece… No issues with signals… Internet much better than the previous Samsung s3…. Book reading awesome… Audio quality is a bliss… And there are so many things which need to be explained ……
    This fone is just a revolutionary change in mobile business…. If u can manage to get it… Then just go for it…. No 2nd thoughts…. Just Awesome….

    • There are much bigger issues with signal of both cellular n wifi networks. The call cannot go beyond 3 minutes where same network is used in other phone and works fine. There is regular call drops. There are many other issues like camera hanging and phone heating but the network issue is horrible and very irritating.

  10. And yes…. I used it for a constant run…. After charging it to 100%…..it gave me a performance of 36 hrs… This is hard to believe if u use 3g data wifi games and calling.. So that’s where this fone is flawless…

    • LOL…!! This looks like a review to u? Hahaha! Idiot this is the reality about how FK and Xiaomi r treating their customers. Wake up!!

      • My friend just tell me that dont u get software bugs and manufacturing defects with apple and samsung ? And this is totally untrue that fk isnt replacing the phones.. I have myself seen people getting it replaced within 2 weeks or so. Clearly, this is a biased article. And please have some respect for others while talking on the internet. U dont have to be rude to put your opinion

          • Again i am saying the same thing that there is no company in which everbody gets proper after sales services. Such cases are not specific to xiaomi.

          • All u’ve ever used in ur life is shitty samsung and xiaomi. ofcourse u’ll say that dumbass. if they have shitty after sales… means people should not talk about it? That guy has been waiting since 22 days. Means he should not get replacement?

          • U no like Xiaomi then no buy, why abooosing pipal here? U no have teknikal naalej….and nor have ingliss naalej…f00king idiot. 😀

        • @vashistha One thing for sure is that, u area a paid commenter, stop shitting so much its spread all over the blog… let the company give reply to them and don’t try to be RaiChand….

          • @auser i wish i was paid for these comments. I am just replying since i am a mi 3 owner and i thought it would be helpful to other people. It was just my attempt to stop the usual ” this is product is bad because mine has a fault” kind of news since any product can have defects. U have the right to complain but u cant say that all these products are bad. But i think instead of considering the points with some reasoning, people are more interested in knowing who paid whom. I will get nothing by doing this . if you dont want to buy it, please do not. And its not only my opinion.. Various reviewers have rated this product as excellent.. It just might be your and those people’s bad luck that they got hands on defective devices. I hope their concern gets resolved quickly..

      • @Karan
        Reality OMG!! I don’t even wanna defend to a crib like you! Just trying to make some sense : I would go to GSMArena or PhoneArena for the expert review and for user’s feedback Flipkart is best option since only genuine buyers can post their feedback. Did you read the comments there? What’s your exact ground claiming FK and xiaomi treating their customers bad (on post sale service). Or you are one of those frustrated a$$ who couldn’t ring the bell?
        Do you have any collective data on how bad xiaomi products are?
        If you dont please STFU and stop being a jerk!

  11. @vishwas kumar .. my friend ur comparing .. xiaomi MI3 with Samsung S5 .. there itself shows how retard you are !!! do u even understand how a comparison should be made ?? this is what happens when we have users like u who have upgraded from sybian to Android and using it for the 1st time !!!

    • He is comparing it with galaxy s5 because it is meant to be compared with it. Take a look at the specs. They are almost similar. Dont be fooled by its price. Mi 3 is in no way less than top tier phones iut there.

  12. @Vashishth

    I completely agree with u on this part. I have used Galaxy series phones. I did find defects in it and eventually fixed it at their Cust. Service center. After all amost all the smart phones manufactured in China. Further more its been around 2 months we are waiting for this phone. Let them get settle down and you will see a cut throat competition amongst major companies and out of this will be mind blowing products.


  13. Haha! The Chinese sure live up to their names! I was thinking of buying this or saving up for an iPad, thanks for the article, my decision is much narrower now.

  14. I think who ever posted this article, really wanted to buy A mi3 but couldn’t get lucky enough to have one and so frustrated.. Decided to do this.. Haha so lame

  15. hii…
    my phone is working really well with good signal , good battery backup and no heating issues. but a little scared because its an electronic product and like any other electronic product may go wrong anytime and one of my friend went to a service centre in delhi and they told that the service centre has not yet received any spare parts and may be it will take 2 to 3 months to receive the part. so fingers crossed.. they added that bangalore service centre has the spare parts. and finally want to add the the piece i received has no hissing sound while recording videos.

  16. Hey my complaints screen shot is also there…. My screen broke. Here are other 3 guys whoes sceen broke..

    So Mi India there are now total of 4 people who got there screen broken. That really really means that screen quality is very very week. I hope this thing falls on your ears now.

    Here are the four guys :

    1) https://www.facebook.com/krhariupadyaya
    2) https://www.facebook.com/bhanujkappal
    3) https://www.facebook.com/suneetsaxena
    4) https://www.facebook.com/A.Broken.Star

    • Hi boss

      My MI3 mobile screen got damaged and screen not functioning , could you know how i can get replaced with reasonable price . if you know please suggest , present i am in hyderabad,india

    • I am going to try and get this issue sorted out at the service center on Saturday. If not, I plan to file a case in the consumer court.
      If anybody else is up to it, let me know, I have been researching details and am pretty sure I can take them down if they don’t resolve the problem with the screen.

  17. MI3 owner.. I got a very good quality product. No issues! It’s more exciting day by day. As xiaomi refer themselves they are a very young brand, they will be fixing these soon. Looking at the number of pieces been sold there are chances for few defective ones. Each and every brand has such issues.

  18. Guys, what I was praying that shouldn’t happen has happened…I was cheated..can you believe it, i got a used phone delivered. I thought Xiaomi is gonna break the chinese phones notion, but unfortunately it has not been the case.
    1. ..how can I tell it’s an used phone is the phone is draining battery hell and when I checked the “battery use” option, found that more than 50% of it is being used by bluetooth that has been up for 42 days, I mean are your kidding me..how can it be up for 42 days while the company itself is not that old in India..also the “battery saving mode” is not available..
    2. Next problem, whenever checking for software and system updates, it is always showing an update available and when you donwload and update the fone, it boots up and again when you check for updates, it’s showing another update available and the same process repeats..
    3. The phone is heating like a frying pan..getting burned at the ear whenever using it for calling.

    Feeling Cheated 🙁

    Read more: http://www.androidorigin.com/xiaomi-mi3-horrible-support-product-quality/#ixzz3AlG1IaJd

    • Dude. Swith off the bluetooth and check. Dont give so soon, try a factory reset and see what happens. I have used Samsung Galaxy Note, Grand and Nexus 5. Now I am using Xiaomi Mi3. I have not been more satisfied than the brands menitioned before. Samsung phones are utter crap – It dont last more than a year. Nexus was good but has battery issues. This one has much better specs and performance.

  19. My phone’s mic had issues because of which I wasn’t able to hear any sound from ear speaker during the call. Loudspeaker and Bluetooth mode were working fine. Placed a replacement request on flipkart and they replaced the phone within 48hours.

  20. Hi All,

    I saw so many people commenting on specs and comparing them with differnt phones. But as working on android from past 4 yrs, i clearly want to say to everyone, PLEASE DONT GET CHEATED BY SPECS. Always refer benchmarks provided from reviewers like gsmarena, techradar etc and compare yourself the scores for differnt tests like antutu, browser etc. Even for camera, check alrready captured images present in reviews -> see the light conditions etc. Still, unfortunately the problem with Glass can’t be assesed with these.

    Even thought specs are good, it really depends on how good the chip is being present in the h/w, which can be decided only by running the tests.

    This can be useful in not only buying this phone, but also for all other phones for your future.


  21. I think in order to do something different they made their highly customizable UI too bugy. I anticipated this problem before the launch. And waited to see the customer response. And the results you can all see now. So reading all the posts above I have an opinion that MotoG is still the VFM android phone. I am using it. And yes to make it cheap moto has not compromised on quality.

  22. Hi All
    Was going through all the comments posted…I have a few things to say aswell.

    1. Samsung has been in the business for years and they overcame Nokia with great cust service and phones, this includes service centers. I doubt Xiaomi has any service centers in India as of now…do correct me if I’m wrong. If the ans is a NO, you should right away stop there from buying it!!!!

    2. Xiaomi has just started and should be able to beat all other brands in the market but that requires a lot of R&D and the way they have started isn’t really a great start, going by the reviews.

    3. As suggested by a user…go by benchmarks and not specs…if a phone is faulty and under warranty, it should be replaced by the company and if they do not have enough replacement phones they should not have started selling them in the first place.

    4. I had a micromax..and cracked by screen….for a phone worth 14k, the screen cost was 7500k which is just absurd, hope Xiaomi don’t start with such odd prices for parts replacement.

    5. Buy brands that you know you can trust, do not go by advertisements..they are sometimes misleading. Look for service centers, check for reviews at different websites etc.

    6. “Xiaomi’s Android smartphone models are wildly popular in the Chinese market and it shifts millions of them every quarter through its extensive online and operator channels,” So again no service centers I’m guessing.

    8. Use your common sense, don’t just buy stuff cause you’ve got to…it’s your money..businesses make money by fooling you with this and that…check before you by do not ever go by advertisements.

  23. i got an MI3 phone yesterday and when i tried to make a call it gets heated up very quickly and i’m not able to hold it near the ear after 5 mins of making the call….if anyone could pls help me in the heating issue that would be helpful(already i have changed the mode to battery saving)…other than that this phone is a beast in this range….

  24. Most folks here don’t understand the fact that even though smartphones are made in China, the quality testing done by companies like Samsung, apple, google etc differs from xiomi etc. Else we wouldn’t HV so many complaints springing up. The brand value of Samsung, google etc is solely based on their quality testing metrics. Another fone called zenfone made in China by a company called Asus is having relatively very low complaints. So it all depends on quality testing

  25. I’m trying to think of what people would say if this were an iPhone. SIM-tray/screen-quality/connector/temperature/contact/signal-gate?

  26. Dear Indian users of cheap Chinese knockoff phone,

    If you are paying for a cheap Chinese knockoff, you get cheap Chinese knockoff quality.
    The Chinese saying is “One can’t be a nun and a prostitude at the same time”

    Learn from your past experience, go back to branded products with better quality control

    ***Due to political correctness issues, the above comment did not imply in anyway of the cheapness of either the Chinese or the Indians, I have very little intention of infuriating 40% of the world’s population.

    ***If you do feel offended, it’s just personal, neither nationwaide nor racist

    ***PS: I am a user of a non-Chinese Branded phone (this is not a marketing pampaign, so no brand naming here)

  27. This guys are just crap.. they are making hype just by showing high specs with low price to attract more people… and making more news by giving less units with high registrations..
    I have ordered REDMI 1s on 2nd sep, the exp date of delivery is 18th sep.. Whats wrong with this people.. 1week before they announced they are going to sell 40000units, and got more than 2lack registrations.. even after knowing that they started selling this product.. I contact both Flipkart and mI CS peopel FK says they have given date the product will delivered by that time.. So after having more than 2 hours conversation FK peopel Mr.(Philip team lead of FK) confirmed that MI has not given them the phones.. So Xiaomi people are literally big liars & idiots their CS people told me that they give the phones but later their team lead also confirmed it.. This guys are just playing with us and making fun of people just showing less price than others.. If they are having but not to give to all.. Cheaters.. Just go and see people frustration in MI india page for redmi 1s..

  28. A phone which supposedly having a screen composed of Corning Gorilla Glass 3 cracked as I carried it around in my pocket while driving.
    Facebook posts to the MI India account and tweets to @miinidofficial has not elicited a response as yet.
    The call center executive tried to convince me that a CGG3 screen can crack from pressure when kept in the pocket of a jeans.
    My last resort is to visit the customer service center and if they do not agree to replace the screen for free, then take it up as a consumer to file a complaint in the consumer forum.

  29. I was one of the early adopters of xiaomi mi3 in india. bragged about it to all the friends, did my bit in spreading articles and positives about it, untill today, when i accidentally chipped my bottom right of the phone glass. the menu buttons completely stopped responding, the prevent pocket dial keeps popping up and the phone is unusable ( all this from a chipped glass ) .

    This doesn’t feel like gorilla glass. have had these phones in the past and even falling on the floor doesn’t break them that easily. i feel cheated by the glass quality.

    This phone works/looks/feels great till it gets chipped. comparing to my samsung s3 with entire glass broken, it still works fine. very disappointed. my idea is not to discourage anyone but dont break/chip the glass guys.

  30. My Mi3 Sim tray stucked and when I asked for Service center to fix this. Those gentleman asked me for 9000 rupees to replace mother board. I only have Sim tray issue not mother board. Everything is working perfectly. But I’ve to pay 9000 rupees to replace mother board. Because this is the only way to fix Sim Tray.
    image of Job sheet by Service center linked.

  31. Guys, don’t go for MI3. My MI3 got fallen from 1 feet height. As soon as I have tried to unlock the phone, it has not responded for my gestures. A tiny minor line was hadrly visible in the bottom corner of the mobile.

    Xiaomi claimed that MI3 has gorilla 3 screen. Its all lies. More over they are asking for 7000 rs (120 USD) for screen replacement. it is half of the cost of the mobile. This is all part of their business technique.
    Now, I am regretting my self to went for cheap chinese mobile and paying for that.. Good by Xiaomi.. fucking chinese mobile..

  32. mi3 is a real piece of shit my mi3 sim tray not work properly and my device restart after overheating .Don’t trust in chinesse brand

  33. recieved xiaomi mi3 , no good device heated like fry pan , i thought will blast , gorilla glass is hoax, my sim tray is broken , battery drains in 5 hours , i have wasted 14000, by taking a 5000 rupees phone for 14000 from flipkart, i am not going to buy anything from flipkart from now on.

    flipkart always creates false hype, its asus zenphone my frend purchased 2 months back is a shit..

    thanks flipkart for your business model of selling defective goods, i have understood it

  34. Hi that really true no doubt the performance is great by mi3 handsets but hardware quality is cheap specially glass is of very very cheaper one.

  35. Hi guys whoever talking about glass, here is my example my phone fell from 1st floor of my building and phone is perfectly alright no break in the glass nor in the phone. Working perfectly.

    Have some bugs in OS so wait for an MIUI v6 or for later updates.

  36. Very bad support in India. Major issue is sim not recognizing. Anyone encountering this, will have to pay for cost of mother board which is around Rs 9000. No mechanism to repair. Service center consider it as out of warranty. So whenever a person is taking out SIM be careful. Small pins which detects SIM are attached to mother board. Easy to break off and very sensitive.

    The touch broke off, with very small height fall. The contours of phone is such that touch will get hit easily (just like glass top on a table with exposed edges). This phone needs to be protected through very good back cover which covers the front part. If the touch gets broken, India service center will not repair touch. They will go for full lcd panel replacement which will cost around Rs 7,000. (Warranty doesn’t covers physical damage)

    The initial charm gets faded away with the irresponsible company service support center. Looks they are there to grab money by floating market with cheaper phones. Better to go for a branded product which has good service station response and cheaper repair options. Compromise on some features if tight on budget which will save from nightmare. I have helped lot of people in getting phone over Flipkart in flash sale but now don’t advice anyone.

  37. My MI3 stopped working in the last week of January.I was changing my data network from 3g to 2g and on doing that,my network stopped showing.I rebooted my phone but still no success.I got it checked in the service center and they told me sim pins have broken.I told them,how’s that possible.They said I must have forcibly opened the sim tray.Now that’s absurd.I wouldn’t want to defect my own phone by opening the sim tray harshly.Is their hardware so flimsy,that normal opening of sim tray breaks the pins?Also they refused to change this within their warranty stating that it’s my fault it happened.They are charging 12000 INR for changing the motherboard as they don’t repair individual electronic components in the phone.I got the phone checked in a local shop,they said they can change the motherboard within 6000 bucks that too original.The shop owner said he has contacts with the service centers.That shows,service centers are charging way too much.In fact I am sure,I can get the motherboard at a cheaper cost.
    I had high hopes from MI and am disappointed that their after sales service is poor.

  38. Mi3 is worse ever phone, Xiaomi is fudduest ever manufacturer Don’t Ever buy Xiaomi its a crap, i have Xiaomi Mi3 screen broken 2nd time even after branded tampered glass. i even halted buying anything from Flipkart i will compromise to spend few more bucks but will not buy from Flipkart. And its my personal experience that never buy a brand registered in China.

  39. I got a Mi3 from eBay for my mum a few days after I missed the flipkart sale… and recently got an mi4 as my second phone…
    I haven’t had a single issue on either. I am quite speechless at the number of defects. With xaomi setting up an Indian store, with Ratan tata picking up stake, and with it selling millions of phones in China, conspiracy theories like selling defective pieces or it being a bad phone cannot be true.

    I am sure there is more to it. Would like the saner vices to find out or propound a theory that seems true.

  40. I have got Original Xiaomi Mi3 and it works perfectly.
    I think many of you have became a victims of fake devices.

    Thats the whole problem. Buy it from ORIGINAL seller and you won’t receive fake shit.
    I think also Arjit Singh (author of this) have got fake only.

  41. I bought mi3 in very first sale. It a was a perfect phone until any update. First update was some 18th version. After 18th version next update was a bit leggy for me.
    Since then i m facing a problem, my phone freeze while working and stop responding to any input. I had to wait for 5 to 30 second and after that time my phone start working with a error of app not responding. Force close bla Bla Bla. And about its display, it’s display is so delicate that I had already replaced it 3 times already. It breaks from 1 feet fall also. Compare to Samsung strong display. Phone is good but service is bad. Service center are pathetic