Xbox One S Bundles For 2016 Black Friday: Free Games And Accessories

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Xbox One S Deals For This Years Black FridayXbox One S is the latest gaming console that Microsoft has released, and since then it became the most popular one in the market surpassing Sony’s Play Station 4 Slim. The console is an upgraded version of the Xbox One. In this article, we will show you the best Black Friday deals that you can find for the gaming console.

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There Are A Lot Of Xbox Bundle Black Friday 2016 Deals

Gears Of War 4 Bundle DealIt seems like the console comes in a lot of bundles which are pretty decent. We took a look through some bundle deals, and we have to say that some of them are worthy. For example, you can purchase the 2 TB variant of the Xbox One S that will come with the new Gears Of War 4 for only $449. This looks like a good deal because both products are recently released. If you can’t afford this bundle, don’t worry, there’s also a similar offer, but this one includes the 500 GB variant of the Xbox One S and also the Gears Of War 4. You can purchase this one for $299 which is cheaper than the other Gears Of War 4 bundle.

There Are Also Other Special Edition Bundles

Battlefield One Xbox One S Bundle For Black FridayBesides the two Gears Of War 4 bundles that we mentioned above, there are more bundle deals for the gaming console. You can purchase the 1 TB version of the Xbox One S that will come along with the new Battlefield 1 for only $349. This is a special edition bundle which means that the console and the controller will have a special themed color. Unfortunately, this deal is available only in the United States, Europe, Canada and New Zealand.

Fifa 17 Bundle Will Be Available For Only $299

Fifa 17 Bundle Deal For 2016 Black FridayFifa 17 is the latest game that has been released by EA Sports. The game was launched in September, and since then it became one of the most popular sports games on the market. Microsoft offers a bundle that includes the 1 TB variant of the Xbox One S and a digital copy of the Fifa 17 which will be available for $299. Also, in the game, you’ll be able to take advantage of some exclusive feature such as 1-month of EA Access, 3 FIFA Ultimate Team Loaned Legends, and a 14-day trial Xbox Live.

These console deals for this year’s Black Friday seems pretty decent and affordable. Which bundle would you purchase? Let us know in a comment below.

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