How To Watch NFL On Android Phone or Tablet

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How To Watch NFL Season On AndroidThe 2016-2017 NFL season has started and is more competitive than the previous one. Brady is back, and the injures seems to add up, but that doesn’t stop NFL’s entertainment. The season started pretty good for some teams that we didn’t expect to win and now they’re undefeated or the rookies are playing a nice game in their first season.

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We will show you how to watch the NFL Football Live on Android tablets or smartphones using one of the options that are below to watch your favorite team live. There are still limited choices to watch NFL live on mobile, but in the past couple of years this thing has been improved. Most of these options will tell you to pay if you want to watch or to have a subscription to a cable provider if you want to watch NFL on your smartphone. There are a lot of options to watch NFL this year, and many of them have been available for a while, but now it seems like some of them have changed a little bit.

Watch The NFL Season On Android

How To Stream NFL Live Football On AndroidOne of the choices is DirecTV which has 3 different options for those who want the Sunday Ticket but don’t have DirectTV. For college students, the price starts at $99, and $294 per year on tablets, smartphones and computers using the To Go package. All you have to do is to sign up, download the app and enjoy watching your favorite team play. Another option to watch football on your smartphone is to have NFL Mobile with Verizon Wireless. The games can be watched on tablets and smartphones for just a few dollars a month . The NFL Mobile can now show you all the current live games and also it’s designed to have a Watch Now’ button under every game that is live.

These are some of the options that will allow you to watch the NFL season on your device. Do you have other options to watch the season? Let us know in a comment below.

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