Verizon unlimited data plan: What is it and should you buy or not?

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Verizon has come out with a new plan that offers unlimited data for as low as $80. This offer is supposed to compete directly with a similar plan from Verizon. Before we dive into the article, let’s take a look at what actually compelled these companies to launch unlimited data plans.

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Over the past few months, telecom companies have come to realize the fact that a substantial number of people prefer streaming movies and TV shows on their smartphones while they are on the move. Therefore, these companies have gone from plans of restricting data usage, to offering unlimited data plans to the consumers.

In this article, we will tell you everything you should know before opting for the unlimited data plan from Verizon. Through this guide, you can assess whether Verizon unlimited data plan will be right for you. Note that Verizon unlimited data plan costs $80 for a single line, and $45 per line if your account has multiple lines.Verizon unlimited data plan

Verizon unlimited data plan — What is it

Verizon has come up with a new Verizon unlimited data plan, but it won’t be replacing any plans. It will just be another addition to the various plans that are available to the consumers. Furthermore, if you think you don’t need unlimited data, you can still choose between 5GB, S, M and L options that Verizon offers.

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However, if you are a user who spends a lot of time using mobile data and LTE, you should opt for Verizon unlimited data plan. Using Verizon unlimited data plan, you will get better benefits at a lesser cost.

What do you get in Verizon unlimited data plan

Apart from unlimited data, there are tons of other things that you will get with the Verizon unlimited data plan. This consists of unlimited texts and calls and personal hotspot activation. The full details of the additional benefits are given below.

  • Unlimited calls and texts.
  • Unlimited calls and texts to Canada and Mexico.
  • Unlimited data in Canada and Mexico.
  • 10GB of 4G LTE over hotspot (3G post that)

What’s the catch in Verizon unlimited data plan

Users who are planning to switch over to Verizon unlimited data plan should pay special attention to this section. Although you will get unlimited data with the plan, there is a small catch in the Verizon unlimited data plan.

Official statement from the telecom giant says that you will get 22GB of unrestricted data in one billing cycle. After you have exhausted that, your usage may not be prioritized. That means that if there is congestion on the network, people who have used 22GB of data already will be first ones to lose speed.

You should also be aware of the fact that network congestions happen rarely, and therefore should not be a reason to drop the idea of switching to Verizon unlimited data plan. Furthermore, the 10GB Wi-Fi hotspot allowance is not included in this cap.

Verizon unlimited data plan price

Broadly, there are two Verizon unlimited data plans available. Single line users will have to shell out $80 (plus taxes) to subscribe to Verizon unlimited data plan.

If you are a user of more than one line, you will have to choose the multi-line plan, which costs $110. Above this, you will also have to pay device access fee, which has been raised to $20. If you are also paying for your phone monthly, you will also have to pay the installment on top of the plan fee.

Also, note that you cannot use any employee discount on this plan. The only discounts that may be available are the veteran/military discounts.

Verizon unlimited data plan — great deal?

There is no single suggestion that will apply to all the people. It all depends on how much data you need in a month. With the old unlimited plan, you can use up to 100GB without hiccups, while this one caps your unrestricted usage at 22GB – you might have to face speed restrictions after that.

If you use more than one line, then the pricing may be better for you. The pricing of $45 per line (plus taxes) might be a money saver for a lot of people. You can log in to your Verizon account and compare your existing plan with the Verizon unlimited data plan.

This way, you will know that extra benefits you will be getting, and if they are worth the extra money that you might have to spend.