Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4 Bootloader Unlock To Come Shortly After Launch?

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Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4 is already available for pre-orders through the carrier’s official website, but there is still some time left for the device’s formal launch. A new rumor has come up on the internet that the bootloader unlock for the Verizon Galaxy S4 will be made available shortly after the official launch of the device.

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Nothing has been confirmed officially, but judging by Verizon’s past reputation with locked bootloaders and the locked AT&T version of the device, it is a pretty safe bet that the Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4 will also come with a locked bootloader.

The AT&T branded Galaxy S4 soon got its bootloader unlocked by Dan Rosenberg who is among several other curious and hardworking developers out there who work countless hours just to make our life easier and mobile phones more hackable. However, Rosenberg only posted an image of an unlocked bootloader as a proof of his work and did not reveal the actual procedure involved.

Nevertheless, Rosenberg has finally decided to open up to other Galaxy S4 users and has answered many significant questions regarding the bootloader unlock tool. He starts to answer the questions by mentioning a few obvious things like users will be able to use custom ROMs and recoveries once the device is unlocked. However, later took out the big guns by revealing that he won’t be releasing the bootloader unlock tool until Verizon releases its own version of Galaxy S4.

According to the latest press release, Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4 will not be seen in stores before May 30th, which directly means that the folks using the AT&T version of the device would still have to wait for about a month before they can commence their hacking session with their ‘Life Companion’.

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After answering a few other questions, Rosenberg later explained that according to him the unlock tool for AT&T S4 should theoretically also be able to work just fine on Verizon Galaxy S4. So if he releases the tool before the official launch, Verizon might work around a patch and fix up the loop holes necessary for the tool to work.

So by halting the release of his bootloader tool for a few more weeks, Rosenberg wants to make sure that the tool will work both on Verizon as well as AT&T models till the time both the carriers decide to roll out an update. Typically, the time period when a carrier rolls out an update of this sort ranges from a month to a quarter.

Fortunately, those with the Sprint Samsung Galaxy S4 would not have to worry about unlocking the bootloader because their version of the device comes unlocked right out of the box, which we think is a great step ahead by Sprint.