Verizon Release Dates Leaked for HTC One, Motorola Droid Maxx, Ultra, Moto X, Droid Mini

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Verizon Release date Roadmap

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The Moto X, the alleged saviour phone but not really, is on its way to five US carriers in the soonest time possible. While most of the special Moto X perks will be exclusive to AT&T for some significant amount of time (including the 32 GB version, yes guys, if you’re not on AT&T you only get the 16 GB Black or White option), Verizon has assured that they will partake in the customization biz. The real question now is when? And you already know how the Big Red likes to roll, the slower, for some odd reason, is the better.

Based on a newly leaked Verizon Roadmap, the device release is pegged to be released on August 23, a mere three weeks away, if everything falls right into place. A few weeks ago, leaks pertaining to the same release date have arisen, and it seems like the prior sourced information could possibly be true. The newly leaked roadmap though showed a different release date for other Verizon devices, mainly with the delayed release date of the HTC One. Previously, the device was pegged to an earlier release date, but it seems like it was moved to the 15th of August. Presumably, to keep the old Droid DNA stocks moving.  A basic mid/low end phone is also set to be released on the 15th, the 4G LTE capable LG Enact.

Another piece of information worthy of note are the release dates for the recently announced Motorola-bred Droid series of Verizon phones. The red accented Moto Droids, the Droid Maxx, Droid Ultra, and Droid Mini, will be available in store on different dates. The two higher-end phones, the Ultra and the Maxx, will be seeing an August 20 launch; while the lesser of the two, the Droid Mini, will be available on a later date of August 29.

While the terrible delay in the phone releases isn’t a shocker to anyone, it really makes you wonder why Verizon tends to cater phones to their customers at a date later than other competing carriers. The HTC One for example, has been available for months, but will only probably be available for the taking from Verizon also five months later. Overconfidence? Excessive carrier branding process? Installing bloatware takes forever?

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Alleged Verizon Phone Relase Dates:

  • HTC One – 8/15/13- Replacing DNA

  • LG Enact- 8/15/13– Basic Phone

  • Motorola X – 8/23/13– High end Smartphone

  • Motorola Droid Ultra- 8/20/13– In store Launch

  • Motorola Droid Maxx- 8/20/13– In store Launch

  • Motorola Droid Mini- 8/29/13– In Store Launch