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T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S5It’s no surprise that the successor to Samsung’s Galaxy S4, the S5, is projected to be a big hit amongst many Android and Samsung fans. So to hear that this upcoming smartphone has already started to break records, essentially confirms it.

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We have noticed a tweet from T-Mobile CEO, Mike Sievert, talking about exactly what records the Samsung Galaxy S5 is breaking. T-Mobile automatically starts taking pre-registration ‘orders’ for just about every major smartphone they plan on selling for their network. They have been keeping track on the number of pre-registrations orders for quite some time and they use these to get an estimate on how many they will need for their initial shipment. It turns out that the Samsung Galaxy S5 has broken 100,000 signups within the first 2 days since its announcement.

We need to point out that a pre-registration is completely different from a pre-order. Pre-registration simply shows a company how much demand there is for a certain product. In no way does this mean all of these consumers have committed to purchase a device from T-Mobile. Still, Mike Sievert believes this amount of buzz for the Galaxy S5 means the launch will “be big”. Remember that T-Mobile has pre-registration data on quite a lot of smartphones. They are using this as a comparison to help find out a device’s demand.

We would also would like to let you know about the contest T-Mobile is hosting with the Samsung Galaxy S5. Right now you can go to their pre-registration page and enter for a chance to win a free Galaxy S5. This could very well be the reason why T-Mobile has been able to snag so many pre-registrations, but how can we fault them for wanting to give a lucky reader a brand new Galaxy S5? Just be sure to check the box for your chance to win, and uncheck the other box so they will not fill your email with spam.

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Source: Tech Crunch


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  2. i think its bogus, cus really all these promos, you know your chances of winning is not real. why? you got to complete so many files or just to apply so many things that by the time you complete, you already want to cancel everything.