Surface Pro 5 Rumors Get Our Hype Levels To The Maximum

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Surface Pro 5 Rumors And FeaturesSurface Pro 5 is probably not going to be released this year but rather in 2017. This isn’t a bad thing as it gives Microsoft plenty of time to turn the device into a piece of work. Some of the latest rumors that have emerged as of late give us plenty of reason to be excited for the latest Surface Pro device.

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According to some trusty sources, the Surface Pro 5 is a real overhaul of its predecessor, improving in key areas such as display, graphics processing, processing power and memory. The Surface Pro 5 is set to deliver a 4K UHD display with a Skylake processor although the latter is uncertain. Many other sources speak of a Kaby Lake processor instead of Skylake and we tend to believe them, especially now that the Surface Pro 5 has been pushed back to 2017. The cool thing about the latest Kaby Lake chipset is that it uses 14nm technology which is excellent for gaming and your workflow is going to be better than ever.

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Rumors

surface-book-2-vs-macbook-proUSB Type-C and Stylus support are both included in the new Surface Pro device but a neat new feature is the capability of connecting multiple devices to your Surface Pro 5. This is a big deal as Samsung is also advancing with the smart indoor tech. More and more customers want multiple devices syncing between each other and Microsoft is listening. They have to, because Apple is way ahead of them in this department and this matters to them since Apple is their main competitor. It looks like the Surface Pro 5 is going to be quite the gem but we’ll have to wait a while longer before it gets released.

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