Sony Xperia Z5: New Design Details Revealed [Exclusive]

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Sony Xperia Z5, Xperia Z5 Compact and Xperia Z5 UltraLast month we brought you some exclusive information on Sony’s next flagship smartphone the Xperia Z5. Today, we have some new information to share about the Xperia Z5 and also the Z5 Ultra and Z5 Compact.

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As we mentioned in our report last month, Sony will be ditching its omni-balance design language with the Xperia Z5 series of products. So what is this new design going to be like? According to our source, Sony will be making a number of major changes to the design with the Z5 and the end result will be very different from anything we have seen earlier on an Xperia device. The design is said to draw heavily from the company’s recent BRAVIA television sets and will feature a completely clean front end with a frosted glass effect. Sony’s iconic logo will be moved to the side of the device, so no branding on the front whatsoever. Also as we mentioned in our previous report, the body will be thicker than the Xperia Z3 and Z4, with more angular sides. Interestingly, our source says the sides could actually be reminiscent of Sony Ericsson devices from the past. The Xperia Z5 Ultra and Xperia Z5 Compact should also share many of the same design cues as the Z5.

Sony Xperia Z5 Ultra And Z5 Compact Display Size Confirmed


Sony Xperia Z5Speaking of Xperia Z5 Ultra and Z5 Compact, in our previous report we didn’t have much details to share about these devices but now we have heard that the two smartphones will feature display sizes of 6.0-inches and 4.8-inches respectively. We’re actually glad to hear this as the 6.44” size of the Xperia Z Ultra made it too big for most people. With the 6.0” size it should be a lot more appealing. As for the Z5 Compact, we believe the upgrade to 4.8” size could mean the resolution could be upped to 1080 x 1920, although this cannot be confirmed currently.

Are you excited about the new design?

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  1. Not exactly an original design looks like sony is suffering from Samsung syndrome

  2. It depends how much thicker they’re going to be. 8mm is fine but 9-10mm is just too much. I’m also not a fan of fingerprint scanner inside of lock button on the side, it’s not very intuitive. Rumor also says that Z5 Compact is going to sport reduced specification – I hope it’s not true. I also hope that not all sides are going to be angular. Two of them could be rounded like in this concept:

  3. Thanks for that update, Mr. Singh. Sounds like it’ll be a stunning design–I can picture it with a black panel with frosted glass sides. Sony’s TVs have always been sharp–both in resolution and design–so it’ll be great to have this design language in a phone. (Speaking of design, a new book on Sony design just came out, called “Sony Design: Making Modern”). Would like to know more about screen resolution, though: You mentioned the Z5 Compact’s resolution at 1920X1080, but what about the flagship Z5’s resolution? I can’t imagine Sony would pass on giving the flagship a 2560X1440 display.
    Also, would like to hear more about the cameras on these phones–will the front-facing (selfie) cams get sharper cameras, perhaps 5-MP (some sites even say 10-MP)? The back-facing camera on the Z3 already has a 21-MP, but some say that Sony still wants to go up from there. Anyway, thanks for the update Mr. Singh, and look forward to more!

    • Z5 most like is going to have QHD display. Z3 has 20,7 MPix IMX220 sensor, Z5 is rumored to have 21MPix IMX230 seosor with phase detection ans 192-point autofocus. IFA release is fairly unlikely since they’re waiting for Snapdragon 820.

    • IFA release is fairly unlikely since they’re waiting for Snapdragon 820. Rumors say October/November 2015. They can also wait a couple of months if there will be a delay from Qualcomm.