Sony PS4 Companion App For Android/iOS Finally Confirmed

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Sony PS4Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4) and Xbox One are part of a never ending battle and while both the consoles boast a really impressive spec sheet and a huge list of ‘exclusive’ titles, it seems that the PS4 engineers just gave another reason to the hardcore gamers out there to buy their console; a companion app for Android and iOS.

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Sony has confirmed that the much awaited PS4 companion app will be releasing on Android as well as iOS on November 13th and for those who don’t know, the console itself is releasing on November 15th. Which means that by the time gamers manage to get PS4 out of the shelves, they would already be rocking the companion app on their Android/iOS device.

Sony has also confirmed most of the features of this companion app and from the looks of it, you really can’t afford to miss this app if you are out there to buy a PS4 for yourself.

According to the press release by Sony, this app will have the ability to directly access the PlayStation network information and features, make your Android/iOS device act as a “second screen”, allow the player to spectate how other players are playing during the multiplayer gaming sessions and other cool things.

Another important and probably the most practical function of the PS4 companion app for Android/iOS would be that it will allow your device to act as a remote control for your PS4.

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Sony PS4Sony did not reveal what is going to be the minimum system requirements for the PS4 companion app, but we highly doubt if any of the low end Android smartphone or anything below the iPhone 4S would be able to support this kind of application.

Nevertheless, it is these kind of features that we were actually looking forward to in a next generation gaming console and we must really hand it over to Sony for not disappointing us with its PS4 companion app for Android/iPhone.

For those who are interested, a full detailed report of all the new features of the PS4 companion app for Android/iOS has been provided in the source link given below.

Source: Kotaku