Verizon Galaxy S5 vs Galaxy S4 vs Samsung Galaxy S3; Release Date Hinted

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Verizon Samsung Galaxy S5In case you forgot or you didn’t know, Verizon is always around to remind you: the Samsung Galaxy S5 is coming in its offer, and you better get ready for it! Even though there is no actual release date, it’s safe to assume that the device will be released somewhere around April 11.

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But, until then, Verizon decided that it would be a good idea to compare the Galaxy S5 to its predecessors, the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S3, and it did just that, Verizon compared all 3 devices one against the other, pointing out why S5 is so much better.

Verizon compared the operating system, battery and memory, camera, size and display and the features of the Galaxy S5,4 and 3 devices, pointing out the new features of the S5 (S Health, Dust and water resistance, and the new Studio app for photo editing). One has to agree that Verizon did a good job at comparing the most important specs and features of all the Galaxy S devices.

The Galaxy S5 comes with Android 4.4.2 Kit Kat, a larger display (5.1 inch,1080p), a larger battery (2,800 mAh), a new 16MP back camera, heart rate monitor, S Health, and other new features, all nicely packed in a dust and water resistant case. ¬†Until now Verizon only showed 2 versions of the Galaxy S5: black and white, but it’s probably safe to assume that when it will be released there will be more options.

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There is still no word about the price of the Galaxy S5 yet, but with a contract, it will probably be around $200.

If you want to read the full comparison, you can do so at Verizon’s site.

Are you planning to buy a Galaxy S5 from Verizon? Did the the comparison created by Verizon convince you in any way that the S5 should be your next upgrade, or it doesn’t look that the Galaxy S5 made such a big leap when compared to its predecessors? Leave your opinion in the comments section.