Samsung Galaxy S8 vs Galaxy S7: Specs, Features, Release Date, Price

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Samsung Galaxy S7 is one of the best Android smartphones to have hit the market. In fact, many newspapers and tech websites even quoted it the ‘perfect Android smartphone’. Samsung Galaxy S7 went on to sell millions of units, leaving a streak of millions of satisfied customers.

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In 2017, Samsung will debut its new flagship, the Galaxy S8. The new smartphone is expected to improve on everything that was good about the Galaxy S7, and also add innovative new features. Numerous rumors have been doing the rounds in the past few months.

A bunch of renders of the Galaxy S8 have also surfaced. In this article, we will compare the current gen Galaxy S7 with the upcoming Galaxy S8. This will enable you to make an informed decision about whether to wait for Galaxy S8 or buy the Galaxy S7 at the moment.

Galaxy S8 — Display

One of the most noticeable differences between Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S8 will be the display. Both the variants of Galaxy S8 will have enormous screens in the same sized body. This will be achieved by reducing the size of the bezels on the Galaxy S8.

This type of display will be termed the ‘infinity display.’ Samsung is also reported moving the fingerprint sensor to the back of the phone in Galaxy S8. This will be accompanied by removal of the physical home button on the Galaxy S8. Expect the Galaxy S8 to come with a set of software navigational buttons.

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Galaxy S8 will come in two variants. One will sport a 5.7in display, while the other will come at 6.2in. However, the phones will not be physically bigger, owing to the fact that there will an infinity display. The screen itself will support HDR content and possibly, 4K content as well.

Galaxy S8 — Design

The Galaxy S8 will be familiar in the sense that the phone will be made out of glass and metal. However, the phone will look entirely different owing to the removal of the physical home button. The screen-to-body ratio will be more than 90%.

The phone will feature a 3.5mm headphone jack and USB-C as well. The fingerprint sensor will be moved to the back, somewhere near the camera. A fingerprint sensor at the back feels much more natural and takes less getting used to.

The ‘Edge’ display and the associated features are set to return in the Galaxy S8. It has been reported that both the variants of Galaxy S8 will have curved displays. This means that Samsung is making curved screens a part of its identity in the smartphone market.

Galaxy S8 — Camera and Storage

Although there are no concrete details on this aspect yet, you can expect Samsung to debut the best camera hardware in the market. Galaxy S8 will reportedly feature a dual lens setup. The primary lens will be dual-pixel, PDAF enabled lens. The second one will be optical zoom lens.

Samsung will increase the size of the aperture to allow more light to enter the camera, and thus give way to better low-light performance. As far as storage is concerned, Galaxy S8 will debut with 64GB of on-board storage, with the option to expand the storage using microSD or UFS cards.

Galaxy S8 — Battery

Battery life is an important aspect of smartphones. Samsung was appreciated last year for increasing the battery capacity in Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, even though it meant that the phones were a millimeter thicker.

Galaxy S8 is expected to debut with a similar battery capacity: 3000 mAh for the smaller variant, and 3500 mAh for the larger one. The batteries will charge much faster, because of the inclusion of USB-C port on the Galaxy S8.

You could see the battery go from 0 to 80 percent in 35 minutes. Combining the large battery capacity with the ability to charge the Galaxy S8 fast, Samsung could deliver the most reliable Android phone in 2017 regarding battery life.

Galaxy S8 — Release Date and Pricing

First time in many years, Samsung’s flagship in the ‘S’ lineup will not be announced at Mobile World Congress. MWC is held in Barcelona in February, and for the past many years, Samsung has been using the platform to unveil their latest flagship and show it to the world.

However, multiple reports suggest that Galaxy S8 will be delayed to April due to extensive safety testing that the phone is going through. Furthermore, when the phone is available for purchase, Galaxy S8 will retail for $849.