Samsung Galaxy S8 vs Galaxy S6 — What has changed in two years

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Samsung Galaxy S8 has a lot of expectations to fulfill, and the phone is scheduled for an unveiling in April 2017. The fact that Samsung’s new flagship will skip the MWC is not a new development. Galaxy S8 will feature a number of new and innovation aspects, including an edge-to-edge display.

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Today, we will take a look at everything we know about the Galaxy S8 and how the smartphone is shaping up to be. Users with Samsung Galaxy S6 will want to upgrade to Galaxy S8 when it arrives. We will also compare Galaxy S8 with the aging Galaxy S6.

Galaxy S6 was the phone that made Samsung’s glass and metal design popular among consumers. We can safely say that Samsung Galaxy S6 was the phone that found the strong foundation for Samsung Galaxy S7. Now, the Galaxy S8 has to continue the legacy forward.

Samsung Galaxy S8 — Display

This is probably the biggest aspect where the Galaxy S8 will move significantly forward. Samsung Galaxy S8 is expected to feature a 5.5-inch and 6.2-inch edge to edge display. This means that Samsung will significantly reduce the size of the bezels on the Galaxy S8.

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Samsung released a Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge+ two years ago. In 2017, Samsung will release Galaxy S8 with much bigger screens, but in the same form factor as the Galaxy S6. This will be done by removing the physical home button and placing the fingerprint sensor on the back or embedding it in the screen itself.

The display will be HDR and 4K capable, although the latter will not be turned on all the time. This step will be taken to conserve battery.

Samsung Galaxy S8 — Design

The design of the Galaxy S8 will bear a resemblance to the Galaxy S6 as far as materials go but will be much different as far as implementation is concerned. Galaxy S8 is reportedly being forged out of glass and metal, much like the Galaxy S6.

However, as mentioned previously, the overall design will be much flatter and minimal this time around. The users will notice the removal of the physical home button in Galaxy S8, as well as the repositioning of the fingerprint sensor.

Expect the same premium feeling smartphone with a better camera, smaller bezels, and inclusion of iris scanning. Reports also suggest that this time around, Samsung will go for USB-C instead of microUSB. Galaxy S8 will also feature IP 68 water and dust resistance, which was something that Galaxy S6 lacked.

Few reports also suggest the inclusion of the dual front facing speakers, but that seems a little out of reach at the moment. microSD card slot will also be there in Galaxy S8 – all users of Galaxy S6 will be relieved to know that they can expand the storage as they like.

Samsung Galaxy S8 — Specs

Galaxy S8 will have two years over Galaxy S6. This means that the specs will be much better, and the phone will be much faster. You can close your eyes and trade-in your Galaxy S6 for Galaxy S8 without even thinking twice.

The main changes in the specs, apart from newer quad-core processors, is the camera. Users will note that while Galaxy S6 had an octa-core processor, Galaxy S8 will debut with a quad-core one. However, you should know that this quad-core processor is much faster and reliable than the other.

Moreover, although there is a decrease in the ‘megapixels’ in the camera, the camera module will feature larger pixels and better aperture, meaning that the light is captured more. You can also expect the fast auto-focus technology to make a comeback.

Another thing that users of Galaxy S6 will appreciate is the inclusion of microSD card slot, as this is something that Galaxy S6 was missing. Galaxy S8 is expected to debut with 64GB of internal storage and support for expansion.

Samsung Galaxy S8 — Camera

Galaxy S8 will most likely come with a dual-sensor setup, like the iPhone 7 Plus. One of these lenses will be equipped with Dual-Pixel technology so that taking photos is a breeze. This technology will enable Galaxy S8 to keep the picture in focus, and also re-focus within a second if required.

The second lens could be a zoom lens or an ultra-wide lens, depending on what is prioritized by Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy S8 — Battery Life

Galaxy S6 probably had the worst battery life in amongst recent Samsung flagships. A meager 2550 mAh that probably didn’t even get you through the day. This time around, Samsung will equip the Galaxy S8 with a battery between 3000 – 3800 mAh. Along with that, you will get technology like fast charging and fast wireless charging to ensure that your phone always stays charged.