Samsung Galaxy S7 Root Finally Available

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Has Been RootedSamsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 have successfully been rooted. The community over at XDA Developers reports that two Samsung Galaxy S7 devices on the AT&T network have been successfully rooted which marks a big milestone in the tech community because it’s really quick but keep in mind only certain Galaxy S7 devices can be rooted.

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Everybody is keen on rooting their Android devices because it’s an essential thing to do for the more tech savvy of us. Essentially, rooting your device gives you extra access to the phone’s system. In a way, you get administrator permissions by rooting your device which can be dangerous for OEMs as it gives you full control. On a rooted device, for instance, you can delete any base app that you want and you can also block ads so this is bad for business. Anyway, with Samsung Galaxy S7 being the most popular phone this year a lot of people have been looking forward to a root method, and it took a short while but now it’s here.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Has Been Rooted

Samsung Galaxy S7 Sells 10 Million UnitsSo according to XDA Developers, a root method has been found on Samsung Galaxy S7 devices with Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processors in the US. Apparently, another root method exists for the Exynos variant but there wasn’t much talk for that one. The most difficult to root Galaxy S7 devices are the carrier-locked ones but an AT&T S7 was recently rooted. Now the method isn’t flawless as some people reported getting forced reboots every time they try to access /System. The method will be perfected but right now it’s good to know that we can root our Samsung Galaxy S7 devices.

Will you be rooting your Samsung Galaxy S7 soon? Why is that? Let us know via the comment section below.

Source: XDA Developers

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