Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Samsung Galaxy S4: Drop Test

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Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Samsung Galaxy S4The Samsung Galaxy S5 and the Galaxy S4 have been compared in a new video. Both devices are dropped from different heights to see which takes the fall better. At pocket height, with an “on side” position, both of them were affected by slight marks on the sides, but the screens were not damaged. From a “head height” drop (again, in an “on side” position), which simulates a fall that takes place when the user is talking on the phone, both of them got some scratch marks, but overall the damage was nothing too serious.

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On the drop test from head height, but with screen side down, both of them managed to resist, and the screen took absolutely no damage. While the S4’s back cracked, the S5 only lost its back (it popped off), so nothing too serious took place.

From a 10 feet fall though it landed on a corner, the Galaxy S4’s screen finally cracked. The S5 remained with an intact screen. The Galaxy S5 proved to have amazing durability and resistance, not every phone survives a 10 feet fall, and remain with a screen that has no marks. Even more, when the S5 was ran over by a car, its front glass was still intact, only the back was shattered.

With these results, you need not to worry if your S5 device falls, or maybe even gets ran over by a car, you should only be worried if you somehow drop it from a skyscraper.

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What do you think about the results of these tests? Did you expect the S5 to resist the damage so well, or did its resistance totally take you by surprise? Do you know any other device able to take a 10 feet fall and remain with an intact screen? Tell us your opinion in the comments section below.