Samsung Galaxy S5 Premium Variant Incoming?

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Samsung Galaxy S5There was a lot of speculated hype surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S5 before anything was announced. Some thought it would include a QHD display, some thought it would have as much as 4 GB of RAM and some thought it would come in a 128 GB variant. We now know that none of that was true but that doesn’t mean Samsung doesn’t have something up their sleeve.

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Popular graphics benchmark software, GFXBench, has just updated their database with a brand new Samsung device that shows a QHD display. This makes us believe that the rumors of a QHD device from Samsung were based on some sort of truth. We have yet to confirm whether or not this new smartphone is a Premium S5, like we’ve discussed before, or if it will be an entirely new line of smartphones.

The device in question is listed as Samsung SM-G906S with the tested date of April 2nd, 2014. The original Samsung Galaxy S5, the one that is due to launch on April 11th, has the model number SM-G900. It is easy to speculate that this new device could be a variant of the Galaxy S5. The SM-G906S is said to have a display capable of 2560 x 1440 pixels on a 5.2 inch screen. This is commonly referred to as QHD or 2K and it’s what so many people were hoping the Galaxy S5 would have.

The CPU listed is a quad-core processor clocked in at 2.45 GHz and is paired with the Adreno 420 GPU. This tells us the mystery device is using Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 805 SoC. We’re seeing 2.9 GB of on-board RAM listed(so a 3 GB RAM device) and 25 GB of internal storage(so it will at least have a 32 GB model). The rear-facing camera is listed as a 15 MP and is capable of recording 1080p content while the front-facing camera will be a 2 MP shooter.

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This doesn’t mean the listed specs are finalized. The camera section says the rear-facing camera doesn’t have auto focus, touch to focus, or HDR photo. These are all features that we come to expect from a premium Samsung device so we should understand that these tech specs are subject to change. However, it does mean that Samsung is working on one beast of a smartphone for 2014.

Source: Phone Arena