Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One 2 (HTC M8): What to Expect

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Samsung Galaxy S5 concept designHTC Two aka HTC M8 Concept DesignSamsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One 2 (HTC M8) are without a doubt the two most rumored handsets of this year and while a lot of people are looking forward to these sequels, here is a list of what to expect from these upcoming flagships.

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There have been countless rumours indicating a 2k AMOLED display with a 560ppi pixel density for the Samsung Galaxy S5. Though, some tech experts also see the possibility of a 1080p panel (currently featured in the Galaxy S4), we don’t really believe that is going to be the case.

As for the HTC One 2, a leaked WiFi certification document suggests that the HTC One sequel is probably going to feature a slightly larger 5-inch 1080p display.

Body Build

Samsung Galaxy S5 Metal BodyConsidering how much Samsung was criticized for the shiny plastic of the Galaxy S4, and how much praise the HTC One got for its metallic body, there is a high possibility that the Galaxy S5 will feature a metallic body.

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Enhanced Security

While the Samsung Galaxy S5 has been rumoured to have some sort of retina scanning technology, a slightly enhanced fingerprint sensor of the HTC One Max should be expected in the HTC One 2.

Powerful Processor

Qualcomm SnapdragonIn the Android ecosystem, it is all about the numbers, and manufacturers like HTC and Samsung realise that. According to the latest rumours, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is going to feature a 64-bit Exynos 6 processor of unknown clock speed whereas the HTC One 2 will boast a Snapdragon 800 processor at 2.3GHz clock speed.

Launch in Q1 2014

The Galaxy S4 didn’t sell quite as well as Samsung expected. Speculations suggest that in order to cover up the losses, Samsung might launch the Samsung Galaxy S5 as soon as Q1 2014. As for the HTC One 2, the original HTC One was launched in February, so it makes sense for the Taiwanese giant to release their next flagship in the One series at about the 1 year mark.

Android 4.4 KitKat

Android 4.4 KitKatSamsung devices have a reputation of featuring the latest Android flavor out-of-the-box and obviously, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is going to be no exception.

HTC is finally starting to understand the needs of its customers, evident from the fact that they’ve already announced the schedule for the KitKat update for their HTC One users. So definitely expect the next HTC One flagship to feature Kitkat’s latest version out-of-the-box.

Mini and Max Variants

In case you have been living under a rock, there is a new trend going around. All the OEMs are getting into the habit of launching “Mini” and sometimes even a “Max” variant of their flagship. There is absolutely no reason why the Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One 2 won’t be a part of this tradition.