Samsung Galaxy S5 Deals on T-Mobile, US Cellular, RadioShack

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Samsung Galaxy S5As the release date for the Samsung Galaxy S5 gets closer, we are starting to see more carriers and retail outlets offering incentives to lure you into their store. This is where competition really benefits the customer since each company will try its best to give a better deal. The better deal they can give us the more customers will come to them to purchase the S5.

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People have been able to pre-order the Samsung Galaxy S5 from T-Mobile since March 24th. T-Mobile is offering customers $0 down payment to anyone who pre-orders an S5 before the end of the month. As we talked about before, T-Mobile is selling the device for $660 but is also offering a monthly plan for $27.50. If you pre-order the Galaxy S5 from T-Mobile by March 31st, they are also offering you $120 off the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 tablet. If this is interesting to you at all then you will need to hurry because the discount is only available while supplies last.

US Cellular

If the Galaxy Tab 3 deal from T-Mobile isn’t what you’re looking for then you might be interested in what US Cellular has to offer. US Cellular is currently taking pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy S5, just like the other major carriers. If you pre-order the Galaxy S5 from them, they will give you a $50 discount on a Samsung Gear 2 or a Samsung Gear 2 Neo. This is a fantastic deal if you were already in the market for an S5 and one of Samsung’s new wearables.

Radio Shack

Wireless carriers aren’t the only places that want to get in on the Galaxy S5 party. Recently, Radio Shack has started to accept pre-orders for the Galaxy S5 as well. If you go into a Radio Shack store, they will give you an instant $50 discount on the S5. For those that have an older smartphone, they also have a Trade & Save program to make your purchase even cheaper. Depending on which smartphone you plan on trading in, and the condition that it’s in, you can save an additional $75 to $300 on your Galaxy S5.

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