Samsung Galaxy S5 Accessories: Wireless Charging Back Covers

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Samsung Galaxy S5Not only will Samsung be selling official wireless charging covers for your Galaxy S5 but they have also announced some cases and a battery accessory as well. Samsung has even designed these with special gaskets that, if installed properly, will keep your device water and dust resistant.

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For every great 3rd party case or accessory there are 10 others that just don’t meet the same quality standards as your smartphone. It’s a shame too because some of these smartphones cost $300 or more and you expect your accessories to function and not break. Today we learn about official Samsung Galaxy S5 accessories that will let you charge your S5 with a Qi wireless charger. They even plan on releasing a generic see-through grip case as well as a spare battery charging system for your Galaxy S5.

First, Samsung has shown us both a Black and White Wireless Charging Cover. It replaces the current back cover for the Galaxy S5 and will only cost you $29.99 while adding in Qi charging functionality. Then we get to see a Black and White S-View Flip Cover that also brings you Qi wireless charging to your new Galaxy S5 too. Samsung has also made a Wallet Flip Cover in Black that is ‘ultra slim’ and is designed to hold your license, credit cards, etc. This Wallet Flip Cover is just like the S-View Flip Cover in that it will automatically turn your display on and off when you open/close it.

Samsung is planning on releasing a Spare Battery Charging System for the Galaxy S5 for $49.99 which will let you charge your spare battery. Lastly, we see they have made a clear protective case. It is very thin and is really only made to protect your device from small drops and scratches. The case has a special texture that makes it easier to grip and should prevent the Galaxy S5 from sliding around too much.

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Source: Phone Arena