Samsung Galaxy S5: 5 Must Have Official Accessories

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Samsung Galaxy S5Samsung Galaxy S5 pre-orders have already gone live and the handset is all set to be released in stores on April 11th. If you are planning to buy one of these bad boys, here are a list of 5 best must have accessories that will go hand in hand with your new S5.

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Samsung headphones

Samsung Galaxy S5We haven’t had the pleasure of getting our hands on with the Samsung Galaxy S5 yet, but given Samsung’s history with the Galaxy S3 and S4, we highly doubt if anything is going to change this time around. Samsung’s stock earphones are good but Samsung headphones are better. Trust us, if you are a true music lover then you are never going to regret spending money on them.

S View cover with wireless charging

Samsung Galaxy S5Samsung’s S View covers are probably the best phone accessories that have ever been made. Just like the Galaxy S4, S View cover for Samsung Galaxy S5 is also designed to give its user quick glances of notifications, time and other important information without actually unlocking the phone. For those who are wondering, it has negligible effect on battery life and does no harm to the screen of the device.

Flip Wallet

Samsung Galaxy S5It might be a little different to get used to it, but we can guarantee it to you that after a certain amount of time, the flip wallet will reduce the thickness of your current wallet pretty good. Apart from carrying your Samsung Galaxy S5 (obviously), Samsung has designed the Flip Wallet in such a way so that there is ample of space for cash and at least 2 credit/debit cards.

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Gear 2

Samsung Galaxy S5Samsung Gear 2 might not look as good as the Moto 360 but that just doesn’t meant that it is a complete waste of money. With the Gear 2 in your hand, you will be able to accept or ignore incoming call and messages and get you instant notifications from your Galaxy S5. The Gear 2 also happens to be capable of recording 720p videos as well as shooting FHD shots, and can act as a standalone music player by connecting with the standard Bluetooth headsets. Similar to the Samsung Galaxy S5, the Gear 2 is also IP67 certified.

Samsung TV Out Cable

Samsung Galaxy S5Samsung Galaxy S5 is blessed with a TV-Out port, and Samsung’s TV out cable is the best way to make use of it. As the name suggests, this cable will allow you to connect your freshly bought S5 with your TV screen, so that you can enjoy your homemade movies as well as pictures on the bigger screen.

Well folks, that seems to be just about it. If you have got any better suggestions for a Samsung Galaxy S5 accessory, please mention it in the comments and we will try to include it in the list.