Samsung Galaxy S4: 6 Reasons To Choose It Over HTC One

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Samsung Galaxy S4 vs HTC OneSamsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One are currently the two of the most compared phones of the year and while both the phones are nearly the same spec wise, here is a list of 6 reasons why to choose the Samsung Galaxy S4 over HTC One.

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Bigger Screen

You must be probably be knowing by now that the Galaxy S4 comes with a 5-inch, 1080p Full HD Super AMOLED display while the HTC One has a smaller 4.7-inch 1080p Full HD resolution IPS display.

It is not just the slightly bigger screen that gives the S4 an edge here but it is the dense colors and high contrast of Super AMOLED that is really making the difference. Some people might argue over IPS display being better than the Super AMOLED, but it is really a matter of personal choice here and I would choose Super AMOLED over IPS display any day.

Latest Android

The Samsung Galaxy S4 ships with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean which is currently the latest version of Android around while the HTC One has Android 4.1 Jelly Bean right out of the box. True, that HTC is going to provide a firmware update soon but for now, it is the S4 that wins the crown.

On a similar note, the Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition is most probably going to be launched with Android 5.0 Lime Pie or at the very least Android 4.3, so there is a very high possibility that developers at XDA get to work and release a 4.3 or 5.0 ROM that works with the traditional S4.

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TouchWiz Smart Features

The Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with a bunch of smart features that are actually of use, the HTC One on the other hand only has BlinkFeed on top of Sense 5.

Most notable smart features of Samsung Galaxy S4 TouchWiz are Smart Scroll, Air View and Air Gesture, Smart Pause, S Translator and Dual Camera Capture.

Support For SD Cards

True, that the Samsung Galaxy S4 16 GB model has about half of its internal memory reserved for the Operating System, but the support for a microSD card up to 64 GB pretty much makes for the 32 GB storage offered in the HTC One.

Better Battery

In spite of the slightly bigger screen, it was found out in the tests that the Samsung Galaxy S4 did better than the HTC One in terms of battery. As for numbers, the S4 has a 2600 mAh battery tank while the One has only a 2300 mAh battery.

More Hacks

No official figures have been made available yet but speculations suggest that there are more Samsung Galaxy S4 units compared to the HTC One. Not only does this means that the S4 currently has a wider range of audience but it also means that more developers have S4 instead of the One, so they are bound to develop for their own device first than for any other device.

The HTC One was also about 2 weeks late in initial release from Samsung Galaxy S4 and that time is more than enough for curious developers to tinker with the device.

This concludes the list folks, feel free to drop by your comments and let us know if you have any other reason to choose the Samsung Galaxy S4 over the HTC One.


  1. 1) Bigger screen- This means better? Downfall here would be it starts to feel like a tablet in your pocket. And you said it yourself. Deeper colors or a sharper picture. Strictly a matter of opinion.

    2) “TouchWiz” is a a half functional hype created to sell more phones. Read most reviews and anyone will tell you that this feature is far from totally functional and nobody should ever base their decision on buying a phone on this kind of crap. While on the other hand while “Blinkfeed” is not any more of a reason to buy a phone it does function. Plenty of people use flip board and this is the same concept. There is nothing wrong with Sense 5.

    3) Support for SD cards. Ok I will give you this one. Removable media is always nice. However with today’s abundant selection of cloud’s and sync ability this is not as much as an issue for space. Having to have a wireless connection to access the media is. So there I can understand as well. The battery in the M7 is removable. Just not easily. It can be replaced. My speculation is someday all phones will be this way. And as far as battery life goes a bigger battery does not mean better battery life. A lot of this will depend on user habit when it comes to charging and quality of the battery itself. I may have a bigger battery in truck than yours but if your battery is not the same grade of quality then it may not be as good or dependable.

    4) Customization (Or as you refer to as “hacks”) Just because more phones are produced or sold of one type does not make it a developer favorite nor does it make it developer friendly. I owned the HTC Evo 4g for 3 years. Probably biggest and most favorite of devs and the biggest support community and following. How many people just in that market alone do you figure will more than likely replace the Evo with this phone. That in itself is speculation but it is more reasoning than you make for your assumption about the S4. Also the fact you state there are no numbers out as of yet goes to show you have not done much research. There indeed numbers out. The S4 is outselling the One by about 5 million. Which all things considered a late release and many more waiting on order for June not that shabby. Time will truly tell here anyway. Also the late release just meant that smart buyers waited for it and didn’t buy a completely different device just to have it. For all we know they still might be waiting if this is really what they want. IF they did run out and buy it by the S4 just because the One was late in release they are not the ones probably deving phone apps. More over probably a bunch of rich folk who just want to be the first the newest best thing but barely know how to use it. And because the first one they chose didn’t come out on time they bought something else. I enjoy HTC phones but If I am going to blog about 6 reasons to buy one then you need to compare the devices good and the bad. Seems to me you are an Fanboy. Hey that’s cool and everything but just blog about that instead and call it “The S4 Rocks and the One Is A Piece of Shit” Why beat around the bush. I own the HTC One. I am happy with it. The S4 felt cheap to me and was simply a tad too big for my liking. Doesn’t mean I have six reasons for someone not to buy it though. I am sure it is a fine phone for the right user. You don’t even compare hardware here but then I probably know why. You really don’t compare much of anything but the obvious. Which device do you own? The S4 or neither one? My two cents.