Samsung Galaxy S3 Explodes, 18 Year Old Girl Gets Injured [Pics]

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Samsung Galaxy S3Samsung Galaxy S3 was undoubtedly the most successful device of the previous year and while the device is owned by millions of people worldwide who have absolutely no complain with their handsets, it seems that there is at least one faulty Galaxy S3 out there.

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We have heard of exploding cellphones before, however, unlike the previous times when people claim that their phone exploded itself while they were away someplace only to find out later that the device was inside a microwave to cover up that it took a dive in toilet water first, this time it is serious.

Recently, an 18 year old girl named Fanny Schlatter reported that is definitely unusual for Samsung Galaxy S3 owners. According to her, her S3 exploded itself while the device was in her pocket and as you can see in the pictures given down below, the handset did quite a lot of damage to her thigh, not to mention that it itself is nothing but burnt plastic now.

So far, there has been no information about the cause of explosion, but you can imagine the intensity of the explosion that the 18 year old girl pants had to be cut down by her boss(please don’t get any wrong ideas) in order to save her from further damage.

The explosion happened in Switzerland and Samsung has officially said that they take the safety of their customers very seriously and are going to send the device to their headquarters in Korea for further investigation.

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Usually, mobile phone explosions are caused by unoriginal faulty batteries but since Schlatter bought her Samsung Galaxy S3 only a few weeks ago and has confirmed that she was using the battery which came with the device, this rules out the most common causes for this type of accident.

Whatever the case might be, this is not the first time we are hearing about a Samsung Galaxy S3 getting exploded, but we sure wish that this is the last time.

Source: OleMatin(translated)