Samsung Galaxy S3 Android 4.3 OTA Update: Users Still Reporting Bugs

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Samsung Galaxy S3Samsung Galaxy S3 Android 4.3 update is without a doubt the worst firmware update we have ever witnessed. Not only is this update late by months, it also has a long list of bugs which has practically ruined the experience on this wonderful device.

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In a report that was published yesterday on AndroidOrigin, an irritated Samsung Galaxy S3 user commented:

Problems now include…You hear the phone ringing, but it does not tell you that anyone is calling, so you cannot answer it. The phone often freezes now more than ever, and no longer notifies me when certain people send me texts, it is silent most of the time, then once in a while you will hear the default notifcation tone, however the receving phone calls problem is a nightmare, I have missed important calls from school and work over 10 times now.

In another report which was published earlier this week, a Samsung Galaxy S3 user also shared:

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After updating to 4.3, I am continually being notified of any documents and or pictures that I had already downloaded and my battery is discharging way too quickly.

Here is what another one of our readers and a Samsung Galaxy S3 owner had to say about the update:

I just did the update this morning and I can say it’s…different. It switched around some keys on the standard keyboard that I use; if I misspell a word and want to delete just one letter, it deletes the whole word; and the lock screen looks a little different…mainly cosmetic issues that are easy to overlook or get used to.

Yes, we realize that updates can be a little buggy sometimes, but with Android 4.3 for the Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung has simply hit the bottom this time. After all, this is the third time that the update is being rolled out all over, so naturally, we were expecting Samsung to set things straight this time.

Thanks to lack of communication from the Korean giant, we would obviously be lying if we gave you a false hope of expecting an official bug fix for the Samsung Galaxy S3 anytime soon. Our best advise to you would be to either perform a factory reset and suffice with the older version of Android, or jump the wagon and try out a couple of custom ROMs. Most probably, your Samsung Galaxy S3 might already out of warranty anyway, so you don’t really have anything to lose here.

Make sure to hit the comments if you are experiencing any issues with your Samsung Galaxy S3 after updating to the latest Android 4.3 build.


  1. After updating to 4.3, I am continually being notified of any documents and or pictures that I had already downloaded and my battery is discharging way too quickly. I have tried blocking those notifications but nothing works. Any ideas???

    • Yes, I know how to turn it off, because this was happening to me, too. Go to “Settings > More > Application Manager > Running > Download manager > Turn off.

      This helped me, although I’m still having all sorts of other problems. Google Play Store/App keeps crashing so I can’t update any of my apps. Anyone know of a fix?

    • My flashlight is blinking too. Lights up the whole room at night. Very annoying. Can’t figure out how to make it stop. Battery is draining faster as well.

      • This was driving me crazy also. The fix is settings>accessibility>flash notification. It is not checked so you have to check it, then uncheck it.

  2. I updated to android 4.3 via kies yesterday and ive had no issues whatsoever just that maybe the battery dies a little fast which I think is because its using up more ram but overall its been a pleasant experience

  3. I updated to 4.3 on 17th December, I kept getting a message saying my internet was unstable when it clearly wasn’t, nothing would connect to the internet, S Voice would no longer work, it appeared very laggy and the battery drain was phenomenal. Samsung advised a factory reset, this made things a whole lot worse. Now my WiFi is unusable, it’s still laggy, the battery drains quicker than an alcoholic’s bottle and I can’t install any apps on the device. Samsung Mobile UK’s Facebook page is full of complaints about both the S3 and S4 having these issues but Samsung keep repeating the words factory reset like it’s some magical fix. My phone is only 8 months old so I eventually contacted Samsung UK’s CEO, the response was:

    We are sorry to read of the problems that you are experiencing following the update of your Galaxy S3 handset.

    Whilst it is true that, following a previous update recently, some customers regrettably did experience some problems this was removed soon after release and, subsequently, an updated version made available.

    Following this the response from customers was positive in that any issues they were suffering previously were resolved.

    As a result, we do not believe that it is the update that has led to this problems but recognise your report that you are unhappy with the performance of the handset.

    Hmmmmm biggest denial ever.

    • I have all these problems too. Amazing how it started 2 seconds after i updated on the 17th! I didn’t have any problems before. It was the perfect handset. Now I’m so fed up I can see myself switching back to Apple in a couple of months when my contract renews and I never thought I’d say that!

  4. For me, it keeps freezing. Especially when I’m on Facebook. I don’t use the app, just the browser. I have to keep restarting. If I try to click links, nothing happens so I have to restart the phone. Exiting does not help. I get a delayed response when I use the back button. I have to wait seconds to see if it registered. If I don’t and hit the back button again, it’ll jump back pages twice or more. Going forward becomes a pain because the phone will stop responding and freeze. This is just a few of my woes. If anyone knows a solution please lmk. I can’t. Find any solutions via googling.

  5. After updating my phone im having a lot of the same problems. The worst of it all is my play store refuses to open and I cant update any of my apps. I’ve done everything I can think of to fix this problem and nothing is working!!! Anyone out there who can help give me a shout.

  6. Browsers freezing, dozens of notifications over and over of things downloaded months ago and mostly long since deleted, predictive text screwed up and way more trouble than its worth struggling with, unable to move emails to most of my folders, browser screen whiting out after keyboard used, plus some of the issues others have mentioned such as light flashing on in coming calls, etc. (When I typed out the word “whiting” above, it was changed to “whoring”…).

  7. Same sort of issues with my phone.

    Sansung Galaxy SIII updates a few days ago nkt realising there were issues. Have items that dont exist on phone popping up on sownload notification. Getting unstable wifi and battery going fast.

    Can you post the samsung CEO email may be the more people that email him the quicker they will try resolve issues.

  8. Hi there, I installed the update yesterday after putting it off for almost a week and I absolutely hate it. I can no longer read my texts properly as I can not read text on a blue background and had changed the bubble to orange, the update has changed this and there is no option anywhere for me to change this. My phone now vibrates for every notification I get, including facebook and twitter instead of just texts and my phone ringing. The update has also made my phone become unrepsonsive a lot of the time and open videos/pictures on facebook that I have not tapped on.

    If anyone has found a solution to these problems, I would be very grateful to hear from you