Samsung Galaxy S3 Android 4.3 OTA Update: Users Still Reporting Bugs

Samsung Galaxy S3Samsung Galaxy S3 Android 4.3 update is without a doubt the worst firmware update we have ever witnessed. Not only is this update late by months, it also has a long list of bugs which has practically ruined the experience on this wonderful device.

In a report that was published yesterday on AndroidOrigin, an irritated Samsung Galaxy S3 user commented:

Problems now include…You hear the phone ringing, but it does not tell you that anyone is calling, so you cannot answer it. The phone often freezes now more than ever, and no longer notifies me when certain people send me texts, it is silent most of the time, then once in a while you will hear the default notifcation tone, however the receving phone calls problem is a nightmare, I have missed important calls from school and work over 10 times now.

In another report which was published earlier this week, a Samsung Galaxy S3 user also shared:

After updating to 4.3, I am continually being notified of any documents and or pictures that I had already downloaded and my battery is discharging way too quickly.

Here is what another one of our readers and a Samsung Galaxy S3 owner had to say about the update:

I just did the update this morning and I can say it’s…different. It switched around some keys on the standard keyboard that I use; if I misspell a word and want to delete just one letter, it deletes the whole word; and the lock screen looks a little different…mainly cosmetic issues that are easy to overlook or get used to.

Yes, we realize that updates can be a little buggy sometimes, but with Android 4.3 for the Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung has simply hit the bottom this time. After all, this is the third time that the update is being rolled out all over, so naturally, we were expecting Samsung to set things straight this time.

Thanks to lack of communication from the Korean giant, we would obviously be lying if we gave you a false hope of expecting an official bug fix for the Samsung Galaxy S3 anytime soon. Our best advise to you would be to either perform a factory reset and suffice with the older version of Android, or jump the wagon and try out a couple of custom ROMs. Most probably, your Samsung Galaxy S3 might already out of warranty anyway, so you don’t really have anything to lose here.

Make sure to hit the comments if you are experiencing any issues with your Samsung Galaxy S3 after updating to the latest Android 4.3 build.

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