Samsung Galaxy Note 3: Unlocked (GT-N9000) Priced At $749 On eBay [DEAL]

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Samsung Galaxy Note 3Samsung Galaxy has been launched just now and with its jaw-dropping price, it has been out of reach for many. Thanks to eBay’s super-saver deal, it is not anymore. Samsung’s new flagship at this eCommerce site is available at just $749, the cheapest you could ever get hold of!

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Listed as 32GB and model no. GT-N9000, the unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note 3, the listed phablet on eBay can be used on majority of GSM networks. 3G support in the U.S. will only be available for AT&T.  Since the supported bandwidths for HSDPA are 850 / 900 / 1900 / 2100, LTE won’t be supported by this device.

Apart from this, all other hardware and software features such as 5.7 inch Super AMOLED, 3GB RAM, Snapdragon Quad Core 800 processor and 13 megapixel camera are exactly similar to factory model.  Features such as Action Memo, Web-Save task, Screen Write, navigation app are intact.

As per the seller’s information listed on the eCommerce site, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 can be returned only if the device is not according to what has been described.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 eBay

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The major catch in this whole deal is that you won’t be getting any warranty on the Note 3. No matter at what throwaway price you are getting your dream device, it is just not worth it without a manufacturer’s warranty.  Though, the seller wants you to click to a third-party vendor’s link, if you wish to avail some extended warranty by shelling a few extra bucks.

So, before you run in haste and click the ‘buy’ button, we advise you to read carefully between the lines. Remember, it is your hard-earned money at stake, and it is also better to wait because sources have dropped a hint that Korean company is planning to release a low-cost model of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 by November end.

You may have to compromise on a few tweaked features here and there but it is still a better deal than getting a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with no warranty at all.

Source: eBay