Samsung Galaxy Note 3: Top 5 Cases of All Time

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Samsung Galaxy Note 3Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is a powerhouse of a phone, which features some serious hardware encased in a giant phablet. That huge 5.7” display allows users to do all sorts of things that they can’t with a standard smartphone – such as using multi-window to do two things at once – but the downside is that a phone that large is easy to drop.

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Consequently, you’ll likely want to buy a case to protect your investment in the event that butterfingers strikes and you drop your $700 smartphone. We’ve got a rundown of what we think are some of the best cases out there, so if you want to give your phone a bit of added ruggedness, or just cover up the faux-leather on the back, read on.

Otterbox Commuter

Samsung Galaxy Note 3Otterbox are a well respected name in the world of smartphone cases, and the Commuter series gives you massive amounts of protection against drops and bumps whilst not being as bulky as they slightly over the top defender range. I use an Otterbox Commuter with my HTC One, and it’s about as solid as a case can be. The Commuter for the Note 3 comes with two parts: an inner silicon layer with a hard plastic exterior layer that clips on top. There’s also a screen protector included too.

Evecase S-Line Slim TPU Case

Samsung Galaxy Note 3Apart from being insane value, the S-Line TPU case offers great protection via the two different materials used. TPU gives flexibility, allowing the case to absorb shocks, whilst the polycarbonate shell provides a solid backbone on which to adhere the TPU. The two materials come together with a stylish looking S design, and the case allows easy access to all the ports and S-Pen. As an added bonus, this case comes with a built in kickstand, so you can take advantage of the Note 3’s huge screen for watching videos.

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Samsung Flip Cover

Samsung Galaxy Note 3Samsung’s official flip cover is pretty stylish looking, and is made of the same faux-leather as the back of the Note 3. With the flip cover, the case itself replaces the back cover, meaning that the whole thing is rather lightweight and slim whilst providing reasonably protection. The front of the cover is magnetic, meaning it should stay shut should you accidentally drop the phone. There are both a black and a white version available.

Speck CandyShell

Samsung Galaxy Note 3Speck are another well respected name in the world of cases, and the CandyShell Grip cases are pretty tough but also rather difficult to let slip out of your hands. The back of the case features rubber grips all over it, and with the combination of a polycarbonate shell with a rubber lining, the case is rather good at absorbing damage. This rubber lining protrudes above the display, meaning that the screen is protected by an absorbent bezel if the worst occurs. There’s a black and slate option, as well as a white and blue one.

Spigen Bounce

Samsung Galaxy Note 3The Spigen Bounce case for Galaxy Note 3 is made entirely of TPU, which is a material rather like a hardened silicon. It’s extremely tough, absorbs shock, doesn’t collect lint like silicon tends to and resists smudging from fingerprints too. The Bounce is relatively slim fitting, and has a raised lip to protect the display incase you manage to drop it face down. This case is both tough and sleek, and is a good compromise between style and protection.

If there are any other cases you think are worth a mention, let us know.