Samsung Galaxy Note 3 To Have 6 inch Display And 3GB RAM?

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Samsung Galaxy Note 3Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is one of the most successful devices around and there is absolutely no reason why Samsung would not want to release a successor to it. A new rumor has come up on the internet according to which the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will come with a 6 inch display and sport 3 GB RAM.

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Of course, the 3 Gigabytes of RAM might not sound too big for the computer industry but for the mobile devices, it is another step towards a new standard. However, the other part of the rumor which says that the Galaxy Note 3 will have a 5.99-inch display(rounded off to 6 inches for the sake of simplicity) is a matter of concern for most of us.

When the original Samsung Galaxy Note made its debut in the market, most of the tech pundits predicted that a mobile phone that big could never taste success, but they were obviously proven wrong by the end of first quarter. However, that time it was totally different, back in the day it was the iPhone which ruled the market with its 3.5 inch display.

However, this time it is a 6 inch display that we are talking about and that’s not even counting the few millimeters that the edges are going to contribute. A phone that is this big is not just going to be a huge road block in terms of portability but will also give birth to another issue that is, small battery life. To counter this problem, Samsung would obviously have to fit in a bigger battery – that means we now have a 6 inch phone which is not just bigger than the rest but thicker and heavier too.

We can not give it a final call until we have held it in our own hands, but as far as the first impression is concerned, it is an absolute no from our side.

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