Samsung Galaxy Gear’s Firmware Update Now Rolling Out (MK7)

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Samsung Galaxy Gear: S-Voice demo Samsung took a leap of faith when it released its own wearable gadget, the Galaxy Gear. Many believed that the new wearable wouldn’t catch on, and would become another abandoned project. With the huge popularity and fame that the gadget has acquired, the Samsung Galaxy Gear has achieved an important role in the whole Android ecosystem, even if it is only supported by a few devices at the moment. Today, we are finally seeing a long awaited firmware update, which adds support for expanded notifications and more. While these features might have been better if they were made available out of the box, they are a nice and accepted addition to the gadget.

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The new MK7 update now lets users see better notifications from non-Samsung apps, but you will have to dig through the Gear Manager app. Now users can read the content of the notifications they receive more easily; it is not perfect yet, but it’s an improvement. The MK7 update also enhances the S Voice search and improves battery life, which in my opinion is the best improvement in this update.

Here is the complete changelog thanks to the guys over on Android Central:

  • Improved range and connection – the Galaxy Gear can now be a little farther away from your phone before disconnecting.
  • Improved battery life – Samsung improved one of the biggest downsides of the gadget.
  • Faster S-Voice searches.
  • Improved overall performance and stability.
  • Enhanced features.

Samsung Galaxy Gear's color variantsTo update your Galaxy Gear, make sure you have the latest version of the Gear Manager app, and just tap check for updates. If for any reason a message flashes on the screen saying that “the maximum number of roll-outs has been exceeded”, you can update via Samsung Kies software from your PC.

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This firmware update was promised to land about three weeks ago. Not that I’m not happy to see Samsung finally deliver the update, but it would have been better if they had delivered it on the expected date.

What do you think of the improved Galaxy Gear? Are you thinking of getting one? Let us know in the comments below.