HTC M8/HTC One 2014: Specs and Release Date Rumour Roundup

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HTC One 2 HTC M8 HTC One 2014HTC M8, or as some like to call it, the HTC One 2014 has been in the headlines for quite a while now. We have seen a lot of leaked images, spec sheets and rumoured release dates in the past month alone. Here is a quick roundup to give you a clearer insight on the matter.

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The HTC One will be a year old this March. Companies like Apple and Samsung tend to release their devices about a year apart. Apple prefers a quarter three or quarter four release window for their phones and Samsung has released both the Galaxy Note 2 and the Galaxy Note 3 in September. Following this trend, we can assume that it would be a wise decision to release the successor to the HTC One in March.

This could potentially give HTC the advantage over other smartphone manufacturers in 2014. Having their flagship on shelves for at least 6 months ahead of the competition could be a very good thing. In 2013 the HTC One was one of the most talked about smartphones and was consistently showcased in multiple ‘best android smartphones of the year’ lists. Samsung may be onto their strategy though. Not only have we read rumors about the HTC M8 getting a late March release, but we also hear Samsung could do an announcement for the Galaxy S5 toward the end of February.

There has been a leaked photo of what is said to be the HTC M8 and it looks like HTC knows they were onto something with the aluminum body and front facing speakers. The HTC M8 is said to continue this tradition and there’s even talk about it having ‘more intense metal’, whatever that might mean. With HTC’s focus on stereo, front-facing speakers we can assume this will continue with the HTC M8 – although the partnership with Beats is no more. HTC has to know that these types of features are what made the HTC One stand out in the sea of Android smartphones. Anything less would be like turning their back on the loyal customers they earned these past 12 months.

The screen size for the HTC M8 is said to have been bumped up from their 4.7 inch screen to a 5 inch or maybe even a 5.2 inch display. Benchmarks point to a ‘5 inch’ screen however some rumors say it will be ‘at least’ 5 inches. We won’t know the exact screen size until we hear something official from HTC, but we do know the screen resolution though. The HTC M8 is said to be a full 1080p display so it should have a 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution.

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We will also be seeing an upgrade to the rest of the hardware inside HTC’s flagship smartphone. Those same benchmark results show the HTC M8 will include Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 SoC. This chip has a quad-core processor clocked in at 2.2GHz along with the Adreno 330 GPU which can get up to 450MHz. This is the same chipset that is in Google’s Nexus 5 so we can expect blazing speeds and an incredibly snappy user interface. One potential downgrade to the HTC One’s successor is it’s internal storage. Benchmarks show that the test unit only has 16GB of space so we would assume the HTC M8 will come in a 16GB model and a 32GB model. This could be completely off and only be the case for the test unit, or we could see this device launched with 3 models.

HTC One HTC M8 HTC One Two HTC 2On the back of the HTC M8 we notice two camera sensors. I haven’t seen an Android smartphone utilize this type of feature yet, but it sounds like a fantastic idea. The rumors about this hardware setup say this will be used to improve focus speed and quality of photos and video. This type of technology could also give the user the ability to refocus the picture after it’s already been taken. I would like to see this type of feature in day to day use, but this could be an incredibly handy. If we are to believe the benchmarks, they tell us cameras on the HTC M8 will be 4MP on the back of the device and 2.1MP on the front.

With so many rumors surrounding the successor to the HTC One (which could still be called the HTC One 2 or the HTC One+), we can only assume that an announcement from HTC is imminent. Are there any current rumors that you are disappointed about? Were you hoping for a bigger screen or more internal storage? Let us know what you think in the comments below.



  1. I don’t get why HTC would take a step down with its main camera…I’ve got the HTC EVO 4G LTE and that comes with an 8MP main camera. Why would they go down to 4MP? I guess I’ll have to wait and see. but if anyone knows the answer, please let me know.