Pokemon Sun vs Pokemon Moon: Differences Explained

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Pokemon Sun And Moon DifferencesPokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon both have some important differences between them. If you can’t decide which version you’re going to buy, we’re going to guide you through. Nintendo’s latest Pokemon game is quite attractive, and it’s quite the innovation. It feels quite new, and the legendaries are amazingly well designed.

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Nintendo has already released the Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon versions which are both rolling out to people that ordered them. There are two versions of the game which is the usual pattern for Nintendo. Pokemon Sun has a psychic/steel legendary Pokemon which is Solgaleo and Pokemon Moon has Lunala which is a psychic/ghost type.

Pokemon Sun vs. Pokemon Moon

A very interesting thing about Pokemon Sun and Moon is that they introduce Alola forms which have Pokemon adapt based on environment. This is a unique feature. You’ll get the Alola forms for Vulpix and Ninetails as long as you buy Pokemon Sun but if you buy Pokemon Moon, you’ll get the Alola form for Sandshrew and Sandslash.

Pokemon Sun And Moon Features

A beautiful thing about Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon is that you get Ultra Beasts with them. These are creatures that pose a threat to the Alola region, and you’re going to encounter different types of Ultra Beasts based on which Pokemon game you buy.

Pokemon Sun And Moon Release Date

Pokemon Sun And Moon Release Date And Pre-orderIf you’re eager to play Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, then you’re in luck because the games already hit the stores on the 18th of November. Their rollout, however, is pretty slow because Nintendo is busy with new console shipments so every physical copy of Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon should come at a later date.

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