Nintendo Switch: Release Date, Pricing, Bundles, Where to buy

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Nintendo Switch release date is almost here, and so is the date the preorders for Nintendo Switch start. Recently, Nintendo announced that Nintendo Switch will available in stores soon. The preorder will likely start a week before that.

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For those of who are living under a rock, Nintendo Switch is a versatile gaming console that was unveiled recently. You can use Nintendo Switch in two modes. You can either hook it up to the dock that will come with it and output the video to your TV, or you can use it as a portable gaming machine.

As soon as you take the Nintendo Switch out of its dock, it will go into ‘portable’ mode. You can attach the Joy Con controllers on the sides of the console and continue the game you were playing. Today, we will tell you everything there is to know about Nintendo Switch release date, Nintendo Switch bundles and Nintendo Switch preorders.

For more details about the console, check out this article.

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Nintendo Switch — Bundles and Pricing

The key to any successful console launch is the pricing and what the console is released with. If the price of any console is too high, gamers will not happily invest in the console. Furthermore, even the developers won’t develop for the console, because of the lack of gamers on the platform.

Nintendo will reportedly price the Nintendo Switch appropriately. Further, the package will include everything you need to convert it to a couch gaming machine, including the dock. Nintendo Switch will reportedly cost $300.

Nintendo Switch — Release Date

Nintendo Switch was originally supposed to debut in 2016. However, there was a delay in the gaming titles that were supposed to be launched with Nintendo Switch. Delaying the launch of Nintendo Switch, Nintendo had given the waiting gamers a possible launch time of March, 2017.

As of right now, it is confirmed that Nintendo Switch will arrive on March 3, 2017. The good thing about this launch time is that there isn’t much gaming news at this time in the year. So, Nintendo will easily dominate the market and get a bigger field to play in.

Nintendo Switch — Where to buy

Although it hardly matters where you purchase the Nintendo Switch console, there are some things you should keep in mind before preordering it.

Best Buy

The advantage you could get at Best Buy is the trade-in program. You could trade-in your old stuff that is not being used anymore and use the store credits to get a discount on the Nintendo Switch.

You can preorder the Nintendo Switch console from Best Buy here. With almost a month until the console is available, this is one of the earliest preorder options on this list. Make sure you preorder soon, as Best Buy is likely to run out soon.

Game Stop

Game Stop also has a trade-in program that can be used to get discounts on the Nintendo Switch gaming console. You can trade-in your old gaming console for a new Nintendo Switch. Furthermore, Game Stop doesn’t require you to make the full payment when preordering the Nintendo Switch.

You can make a minimum payment to reserve your Nintendo Switch. Then, you can pay bit by bit until the release day.


Although Walmart initially had some stocks of Nintendo Switch, going to the website trying to buy Nintendo Switch will reveal that it is actually out of stock at the moment.


If you will be preordering Nintendo Switch on Amazon, you should know that being a member of Amazon Prime will not let get you great discounts on the console. However, the company offers an amazing exchange program for old games and gaming consoles.

You don’t even have to wait to receive titles. Amazon will credit your account with a gift card, which you can use instantly. Another advantage of preordering Nintendo Switch from Amazon is the fact that you are not charged until the item actually ships out.

Search results on Amazon show that Nintendo Switch and the supported titles are available for preorder at the moment.

What you should know before buying Nintendo Switch

There are broadly three things to keep in mind in case you have made up your mind to buy Nintendo Switch.

Firstly, make sure that you preorder Nintendo Switch console as soon as it is available for pre-order on any of the websites mentioned above. Nintendo is infamous for not producing enough units of any hardware that it launches.

So, you should grab the first opportunity you see to preorder Nintendo Switch.

Secondly, make sure you also order games for the Nintendo Switch console. Do some research about the games and see which ones you will like.

Thirdly, Nintendo has announced that online multiplayer on Nintendo Switch will initially free, but will require a subscription after a specific time frame. While buying Nintendo Switch, make sure you also factor in the cost of online multiplayer mode.