Nexus TV to be Google’s next device?

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Nexus TVThe Nexus TV might be a reality after all. Some time ago, there were a bunch of rumors floating over the internet about a Nexus TV, which basically was a set-top box for streaming videos and playing Android games. However, after some time these rumors suddenly stopped, and the Chromecast was announced.

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Today a new report from an anonymous source has been released to the public, stating that Google was working on a new gadget that might be the successor to the discontinued Google TV platform. Apparently the new Nexus TV will be able to play streaming content from applications like YouTube, Netflix, and Hulu Plus along with several selected games.

Google ChromecastThis ‘new’ information is almost the same as what we saw before Chromecast was released on July 24, 2013. According to the report, the Nexus TV will include a motion controller and a video camera for calls via Hangouts. This is one of its main selling points of the device as it is an inexpensive way for businesses to have video conferences fairly easy, this will also allow families around the world to reunite via the internet.

The Nexus TV might also include a remote control with a touchscreen, while this sounds nice, it might not be the final product, we expect Google to release some sort of a companion app for users to be able to play games, designed specifically for phones or tablets.

Unlike the Google TV, the Nexus TV will not support live broadcasts and is not aiming to replace your cable-box, instead Google aims to expand the content you can watch on your TV and create a richer experience.

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Remember that these are just rumors, and don’t be disappointed if a Nexus TV is never released, although we think it’s highly probable that this is a real gadget and we might get to see more of it in the next month at CES 2014 or at the next Google I/O conference.


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Source: Droid Life