Nexus 6/Nexus X aka Motorola Shamu Emerges in Leak

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Motorola Shamu Nexus 6We’ve already reported a very mysterious device coming from Motorola, the Motorola Shamu, which is an incredible smartphone in terms of tech specifications. However, the information we had didn’t confirm the phone actually exists. That information changed, however, after the device was listed on an import chart in India. The document shows the Motorola Shamu was brought into the country on the 20th of August for demonstration purposes.

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While this leak doesn’t reveal any crucial information, it confirms that the device exists, which is very important. The tech magnate has yet to make a statement about it, but right now all leaks are pointing towards an eventual 2015 release, especially considering the gadget is running the yet-to-be-released Android L.

The Motorola Shamu was imported at a cost of 34,982 rupees, which translates to $578.00. While this may not be the store price when it hits the shelves, it gives us a pretty good idea of how expensive the tech giant’s latest gadget is.

Motorola Shamu

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Motorola Shamu is considered to be a very powerful device, packing a 1440 x 2560 display, a quad-core Snapdragon 805 processor alongside an Adreno 420 GPU. It could sport a pair of stereos on the frontal side of the phone, which is very interesting. It could also sport a 13MP primary shooter, and a 2MP secondary shooter for taking selfies.

We’re hoping the tech giant’s demonstration in India has been quite successful, and we can’t wait to hear more about this device. It seems Motorola is trying to gain the upper hand in the technology business, especially in the wearable tech branch. Their Moto X+1 is one of the most popular devices expected in 2014.

What do you think about the Motorola Shamu? Do you think this device is going to be the star of next year’s smartphone cycle, or do you think another device will take the throne?

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  1. Let’s take a contrarian view for a minute. Let me play Devil’s advocate.

    You are entirely right to discount the India prototype manifest “value” for proposed pricing of the Nexus 6/X. That’s just an imaginary number to satisfy government bureaucracy requirements. Google is not going to list Google Play store pricing there, not two months before the Nexus 6/X is officially released.

    But… don’t you find it STRANGE that Motorola (still owned by Google) shipped these two prototypes with the names “Shamu” on the manifest? Isn’t that a little TOO convenient? Maybe a decoy to hide who is REALLY manufacturing this year’s Nexus smartphone?

    Until now, all we have are “leaked” benchmark tests with the word Shamu. No manufacturer attached. As if every Android manufacturer doesn’t have their own internal benchmarks software? NO, they are FORCED to us Antutu! And publish those tests to the entire world. RIGHT… Those benchmark tests were published on purpose, of course. They were not necessary for development. (Have any iPhone 6 benchmarks leaked? NO.) But still with those “public” benchmark tests, no manufacturer was identified for this alleged “Shamu”. But suddenly two prototypes are shipped by Motorola to India and labelled Shamu on the manifest? How about “Nexus X here!” That would be no less silly.

    So, is it possible these two alleged Motorola prototypes conveniently labelled “Shamu” are NOT the real Nexus smartphone? That perhaps Google has leaked false rumors and these prototypes are a red herring designed to obfuscate and confuse? What if LG or HTC was making this year’s Nexus smartphone? What strategy would Google employ to keep that a secret? Maybe use false rumors that their company Motorola is making it?

    Motorola’s new 2014 Moto X is entirely pedestrian in execution. It has a 5.2″, 1080p display with 13 megapixel camera, 2GB RAM — just like LAST year’s 2013 LG G2. Yet, Motorola doesn’t have the build expertise LG does. The new 2014 Moto X is BIGGER than the LG G2 with the same size 5.2″ 1080p display. LG knows how to shrink bezels, Motorola does not.

    Therefore, I sort of dread a Motorola Nexus smartphone. Secretly, I hope all this Motorola stuff is a ploy from Google to hide the identity of the REAL manufacturer this year. 🙂 A corporate chess game.

    Maybe Motorola is doing the Nexus 6/X. But just saying — we may be in for a surprise. It doesn’t hurt to consider alternate explanations.