Nexus 5 Manufacturing Might Not be Ending After all

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Wind Mobile Google Nexus 5It has been rather interesting to see how this story has developed over the past two days. A customer of Wind Mobile recently contacted them about why the Nexus 5 was removed from their devices page. At first it seemed like the device was no longer being manufactured, but things have recently changed.

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As you can see from the screenshot, @Hardwired_Brain recently contacted @WIND_Cares to ask why the Nexus 5 was no longer listed on the Wind Mobile devices page. The customer service representative replied, telling him┬áthat the device was no longer being manufactured. This was some pretty big news because Google hasn’t publicly told anyone this. If true, this could mean the upcoming 2014 Nexus smartphone is coming sooner than we thought. However, after the news spread, it caused Wind Mobile to redact the tweet.

Google Nexus 5 “no longer being manufactured” tweet

Wind Mobile Google Nexus 5

If you go to the @WIND_Cares twitter page now and scroll down, you will find the tweet has been changed to say “My apologies, we are no longer carrying the device. – Chris”. So it would seem that the initial information was ill-informed. Then again, maybe they were forced to change the tweet as it violated an NDA for the company. This is very unlikely since the customer service department of a company is usually the last to hear of any official news like this. So, while it’s possible that someone let some secret information slip out, it’s most likely a CSR just assuming and not really knowing.

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Either way, we’re expecting Google to release a new Nexus smartphone this year. It might be a 2014 version of the Nexus 5. It might be the 5.9-inch Nexus Shamu that we’ve reported on in the past. It might even be a 5.2-inch Nexus 6/X that we have talked about too. Only Google employees and the smartphone manufacturer know right now, but we might be hearing something official very soon. We’ll definitely let you know more as soon as we hear something else about it.


      • I guess size and weight must be the limiting factors? Surely! It might be the only was to keep the phone to a particular dimension.

        That said, with phones getting bigger and battery life being a hot topic these days (one of the last areas that really needs improvement) I am also baffled that manufacturers aren’t designing around a high capacity battery.