Nexus 5: Users Report “Falling Letters”, Is This A Manufacturing Defect?

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Nexus 5 Back Panel Letters "Falling Off" Manufacturing Defect
Here the letter “e” has fallen off.

Nexus 5 potential customers beware, for new reports are now indicating that at least some units of the Google flagship might be suffering from a manufacturing defect. According to a recent thread over at /r/Android (Reddit), it seems that several users are suffering from “falling letters” off the Nexus 5’s back panel.

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Lettering Falls Off from the Nexus 5’s Back Panel, A Manufacturing Defect or Not?

A thread which was created only a few hours ago, has now become the subject of discussion among numerous Nexus 5 owners. The original poster of the thread has shared a picture which he discovered while lurking on Twitter. As many might have already noticed, in this picture, the letter “e” from the Nexus 5’s back cover has fallen off.

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It is yet to be confirmed whether the Nexus 5 in the above picture fell on its back cover or it faced any sort of physical damage, however, many Nexus 5 owners seem to agree that poking nails with minimal effort also results in the lettering falling off.

Nexus 5 Back Panel Letters "Falling Off" Manufacturing Defect
Here the letter “U” has fallen off.

Theories About the Nexus 5 Back-Panel Lettering “Falling Off”

This is not an expert opinion, but most Nexus 5 users believe that the back-panel lettering “falling off” has something to do with the phone getting heated to the point where, the adhesive which binds the back-panel and the letters together weakens and thus results in the damage, as is evident from the pictures.

Another interesting theory among the Nexus 5 owners is that, it is quite possible that the phone has been designed in such a way that in order to protect the internals of the device, most of the physical impact is absorbed by the back-panel letters, and hence the resultant damage. However, we believe that this theory is simply too farfetched and the former theory is much more plausible.

Some Nexus 5 owners also seems to believe that the damage to the back-panel lettering could be due to using alcohol or other similar cleaning agents to clean the back-panel of the device.

We have reached out to LG for their official word on the story, we will obviously keep you updated in case we hear back from them. In the meanwhile, let us know your views about this Nexus 5 “manufacturing defect.”

Source: Reddit