Nexus 5 Battery Life: Android L 5.0 “Lollipop” vs KitKat Update Android 4.4.4

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Nexus 5Google released the Nexus 5 smartphone at the end of last year. The Nexus device never was meant to be a high-end device. This is made apparent from the mid-range bracket price tag. However, because of its performance and overall experience, many people compared it to flagship devices that were available then. Out of two major issues with the Nexus 5, one of these could be solved with the release of Android L, also known as Android 5.0 Lollipop.

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Nexus 5 Android L update might optimize battery life

When the Google Nexus 5 was released there were only two major complaints about the device. These two issues were the battery life and sub par camera. In Android L, we’re introduced to Project Volta. It is currently being developed by the team which brought us Project Butter. The whole idea behind Project Volta is to squeeze as much battery life out of your smartphone as possible. This is done with an array of new features included in Android ‘L’.

One of these new features is a job scheduler API. Google wants to teach developers to make their apps lazy. Instead of waking your device up in order to check the state of your device/connection/etc, the application can schedule a job which delays the task (unless it’s important) and then groups up several tasks to be performed all at once. This way, instead of having 10 applications and services waking up your device multiple times in an hour, the apps will schedule the jobs and then your device will only have to be woken up once.

This is just one layer of Project Volta. Another one of these layers is the built-in Battery Saver Mode. These changes to Android will affect everyone differently. Some could see tremendous gains in battery life while others might see very little. Ars Technica recently did a battery test with Android ‘L’ Preview on their Nexus 5 and they saw a 36% increase in overall battery life. This is just the preview build, imagine what Google might have in store for us when the final version is released.

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Source: Ars Technica


  1. I am for sure eagerly waiting for the release of android L but I guess one thing android got it wrong is the time taken for the release of new version. If u plan to do this by end of this year I am sure competitors will have better things in store. In the new world ‘ technology can’t wait such a long time for a new release , if its happening it has to happen now or else I am planning to sell my Nex5

    • And get what, the nexus 6, it will be the first to have android L , but it won’t be released until L is ready, then of course the N5 will get L shortly after then maybe 3 months later for any flagship to get L, your logic makes zero sense

    • You can download the preview for L and install it on your Nexus 5 right now. Installs in 10 minutes. I’ve had it running since day 0 on my nexus 7 with no issues at all.

  2. Another way to save power should be to let us block access to apps we don’t want and prevent them from running in backgrounds, etc… I’d definitely love more control about what an app could or couldn’t do with my data…