Nexus 10.2: All You Need to Know About Google’s Next Tablet

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Nexus 10 2: Nexus 10 2014Nexus 10 2 or as some would like to call it, the Nexus 10 2014, has never really been discussed by Google. We’ve gotten subtle hints about it but nothing official yet, these rumors claim a lot of things, but how do you know which rumors might actually be serious, and which ones are just pure speculation? In this article we’ll be covering every rumor that will most likely end up being true, giving you all the basics about the rumored Nexus 10 (2014), or Nexus 10.2 as some prefer to call it.

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We will be discussing all different kinds of rumors that have been surrounding the Nexus 10, starting from the most controversial, which is if Google is indeed releasing a successor to the Nexus 10 or not; moving on to design and hardware rumors, and finally giving an insight on the software that might be included with the tablet.

Google might be really close to revealing its plans for the Nexus 10, given the fact that the original 10-inch tablet has been out of stock in the Google Play Store for quite a while now. This can make us believe two things, either Google is ending the Nexus 10 series, or the internet giant is in the verge of releasing a new iteration to the series. Either way, answers shouldn’t take to long to arrive. According to several reports, it all points out to a MWC 2014 announcement or a dedicated event just like the Nexus 7 (2013) had; most of these reports claim that we should be seeing the Nexus 10 (2014) in the first quarter of 2014, so the wait is close to an end.

There have been various rumors pointing at different manufacturers delivering the Nexus 10 (2014). A few weeks ago, @evleaks tweeted about a new tablet that LG was working on a tablet with the model number ‘LG V510’ and confirmed that it was a Nexus device, sadly that was all the information the popular Twitter account revealed.

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Nexus 10 2 Nexus 10 2014The Nexus 10 (2014) will reportedly include the highest specs we’ve seen in a Nexus device, the Google 10-inch tablet will be one of the devices that will mark a new generation of performance and quality.

According to most reports out there, the Nexus 10 (2014) will include an updated display with enough ppi (Pixels Per Inch) to leave the iPad Air behind. This display would measure a good 10-inches, although there have been some rumors floating around hinting at 12.2-inches if Samsung indeed manufacturing the Nexus 10 (2014), the company will getting some design cues from the newly released Samsung Galaxy TabPro 12.2, but this is really unlikely as everything is pointing at LG as the manufacturer.

When it comes to processing power, the Nexus 10 (2014) will be a whole lot more powerful than its predecessor. The tablet will most likely include a quad core Exynos chipset with at least 3GB of RAM, which is a lot for a handset. The Nexus 10 (2014) won’t go too far from the usual 16/32GB of internal storage that Nexus devices include.

The new tablet’s camera will face a great improvement to a 5MP sensor. The Nexus 10 (2014)’s design will follow the guidelines set by the Nexus 7 (2013) and quickly followed by the Nexus 5, making the Nexus family’s design look a lot more consistent.


Nexus 10 2 Nexus 10 2014Android 4.4 Kit Kat was introduced alongside the Nexus 5. With the latest version of Android, it became clear that Google was taking a new design path, towards a cleaner and simpler looking UI, although the changes were notorious in the Android 4.4 Kit Kat update, there are still some UI elements that were left unchanged, maybe to cause less of an impact to users? Anyways, along with the Nexus 10 (2014), will come Android 4.5 which will go even further with the new UI design. Recently some Android 4.5 render images were collected and released by the Android Pit and we strongly believe that the images really depict what Android 4.5 will look like, be sure to check out the images.

Release Date

Nexus 10 2 Nexus 10 2014Although there is no official information talking about an expected release date, most rumors are pointing at a launch around MWC 2014, which is taking place in Barcelona on February 24-27. Although this remains really unclear, as there have been many rumors about the Nexus 10 (2014) never getting released, but honestly, I don’t think Google would stop producing a tablet to directly compete with the Apple iPad Air or the new Samsung Galaxy TabPro.

An announcement will most likely come directly from Google in a dedicated event, just like the Nexus 7 (2013) had. Such event would be before MWC to steal a bit of attention before other OEMs announce their new devices or tech.

What do you think of the rumored Nexus 10 (2014)? What do you expect to be improved? Make sure to let us know in the comments below.


  1. I’m just getting so tired of waiting on it I may invest my money for a new tablet elsewhere even when it’s finally revealed. This is insane to keep people hanging on this long. I need a new tablet and I’m not a Samsung fan because of their interface but even their interface is better than the non-existent tablet from Google.

  2. I’m with Larry. Need a new (Android) tablet and was excited to buy a Nexus 10.2 but all the waiting and uncertainty have made me start to look elsewhere. Maybe Lenovo Yoga or IdeaTab?

    • yoga(can they trademark that?) gets bad reviews from john q public in my walk-in traffic at my store. Better to wait for the mothership to release….

    • You remind me of so many of the folks who forget they aren’t engineers!
      You want it all, and more, right now, and want it to last! Come on – have you ever looked at a changelog? IF IT’S WORTH IT AT ALL< IT'S WORTH It to wAiT< The Tablet they release will have more than a "BIG PHONE" feel! Just remember android is Linux, apple is unix and you'll be ok…
      Meanwhile, don't you think they'd release it if it was close to ready?
      The sales dep't always wins…

  3. I am currently a 7″ nexus owner but I have been looking to purchase a 10″ tablet for a while, but waiting for google to say if they will or will not release a 10″ tablet. I agree with others that say if there is not an answer soon, I too will have to look elsewhere for a tablet.

  4. I’m sick and tired of waiting for Google to release nexus 10.2! Since early last fall! Its now June 2014! This is a joke! I just got done talking with Google’s technical department, and they still don’t know nothing about any release date for the 10.2! I own the nexus 10.1 model, and I want to upgrade to a quad snapdragon processer! This is a load of B.S. concerning the Google release of the 10.2! Andrew.