New Nexus 10 2 (2013) Missing From ASUS’ Leaked Roadmap

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Nexus 10 2The original Nexus 10 might not have won the award for best tablet of the year or became the most successful tablet, but even then it was still a Nexus device with and definitely deserves a refresh.

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Initially, it was being speculated that thanks to the fantastic job that ASUS did with the Nexus 7, the Taiwan based company would have been an obvious choice for Google to make the new Nexus 10 2(2013). However, a leaked ASUS roadmap suggests a completely different story.

According to this leaked ASUS roadmap, the company is going to release a number of smartphones, tablets and hybrid devices. This devices include MeMo Fone HD 5, PadFone mini, MeMo Pad HD 8, Transformer Pad FHD and Transformer Pad HD. As you might have already noticed, the much speculated new Nexus 10 2 is missing from the above list.

This leaked ASUS roadmap was actually revealed in France where the officials of the company were giving a presentation to its future investors. These slides were shown behind closed doors to some really wealthy people but were soon leaked on the internet. So we are not going to question the authenticity of these slides.
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When you come to think of it, ASUS not making the new Nexus 10 2 actually does make a lot of sense because as good as they made the Nexus 7 and the new Nexus 7, the device was always plagued with availability issues because of ASUS’ less manufacturing plants.

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Samsung on the other hand has now become a big shark in the mobile and tablet industry and is definitely in the possession of manufacturing plants that will be required to meet the demands of the upcoming new Nexus 10 2. While there are no official figures, the manufacturing capability of Samsung could easily be estimated by the fact alone that in spite of the huge demands, there was almost never a shortage for Samsung Galaxy S3, S4 and Note 2.

That being said, we must also not forget that ASUS is already busy manufacturing the new Nexus 7 2 to meet the enormous demand put up by the customers and the new Nexus 10 2 would only bring in more troubles than profit for them.

Source: TechnoBuffalo