New Features on WhatsApp: A complete guide to new age messaging

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WhatsApp is a widely popular messaging service that has been around for a very long time now. WhatsApp is a robust service and for many people, it has become the app for texting friends. Over a period of time, WhatsApp has received multiple updates. The app now lets you securely send messages, photos and other media to other users.

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WhatsApp is arguably the most feature-rich and versatile messaging app out there. Some may even consider it an alternative for iMessage that can deliver the same reliable performance across devices. Today, we will tell you everything new in the WhatsApp messaging app and the features that have been added recently to WhatsApp.

For those of who you are surprisingly unaware, WhatsApp is a third part messaging app that lets you send text messages and media over your Wi-Fi or data connection. Everything that you send through this service is end-to-end encrypted, which means that only you, or the recipient can view the files – no one else can snoop on the connection.

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You can consider WhatsApp as a replacement for all your communication needs. You can send voice notes as well as text messages. Recent updates have also made voice call and video calling available to users of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp was recently purchased by Facebook. However, WhatsApp is a separate app altogether and is not part of Facebook’s group of apps. WhatsApp needs to be connected to a phone number. In that effect, it is available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone. It is also available for Mac and Windows. You can use WhatsApp on your computer, provided that your phone is connected to it.

How much does WhatsApp cost

Thankfully, WhatsApp is completely free to use. This has been a recent development. Initially, the app cost $1 to download from the App Store. Then, the app offered one year of free service, after which you had to pay $1 every year.

Recently, the app has been made free to use for all. Also, there are no in-app purchases. You can use all the features on all supported devices without paying a single dime.

How much data will WhatsApp use

When you are using your mobile data to run WhatsApp, the amount of data that is used depends on the kind of task that you are doing. Sending text messages over WhatsApp uses a negligible amount of data. As far as voice and video calls are concerned, they might use a little more data.

In tests reported by Android Authority, a sample WhatsApp Voice Call used roughly 700KB of data per minute. On the other hand, a test video call used about 3MB per minute. If you send photos or other media through WhatsApp, the data used will depend on the size of the file.

You can check the data usage by WhatsApp by heading to the relevant sub-menu in the Settings menu in the WhatsApp app.

How to use less data on WhatsApp

There are a few steps you can take to ensure that you don’t use too much data while using WhatsApp. Additionally, you can also use some of these settings to ensure that unnecessary things downloaded from WhatsApp don’t clutter your phone.

Head over to Settings > Data and Storage in WhatsApp. You can change the media auto-download settings to ensure that large files are not downloaded over mobile data. There is also a toggle for decreased data usage on the same screen. You can turn this on to make sure that your WhatsApp call takes less amount of data.

Is WhatsApp safe for kids

Parents might be concerned whether an app like WhatsApp is safe for their kids or not. Parents need to know that WhatsApp is an incredibly useful tool for communication. You can text, make voice and video calls, and send documents – all in a single app.

All parents must talk to their kids about responsible texting behavior. We believe that such a discussion with the kids will make them aware of the appropriate behavior as far as any communication tool goes.

If you are worried about in-app purchases or fraudulent advertisements in the app, you should not fear. WhatsApp has no ads, and it has no in-app purchases either. Once you install it, you just get one of the best communication experience, and nothing else.

Backing up chats on WhatsApp

One of the best features of WhatsApp is that you can choose to back up your chats to your Google Drive or iCloud account. This way, if your phone is stolen or lost, or if you buy a new phone, you can get all your old chats back.

Note that this feature will only back up your chats, and not any media that might have been sent in the chat. Further, the backup itself is not encrypted – and thus, is not as secure as the messages that you send.