New Apple Watch Demo Released, Allows Customers to Try Before Buying

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Apple WatchApple is set to launch its next big thing in the wearable tech department: the Apple Watch. The speculated launch date is sometime around March, but it’s unknown for sure. Either way, the tech company just launched a web demo which allows you to try out the device on your computer before buying it.

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This is a fantastic feature coming from Apple, and while the demo isn’t quite the same thing as the real deal, it’s a great way to get a better overview of what your device will be like before you get your hands on it. The virtual simulation is called Pipes’ Apple Watch, and it basically allows you to navigate the upcoming Apple Watch directly on your browser, using your mouse as you would use a finger. The demo is quite limited, but it’s pretty neat to see a preview of the Apple Watch’s operating system. Other companies will hopefully take note of this little feature, as it’s an amazing way for users to experience a device before spending money on it. It’s not an outstanding demo by any means, but it certainly surprised us to see it on the web. It should run on pretty much any modern browser without a problem.

Apple Watch release date detailsOne cool feature that the Apple Watch will have is a small dial with which you can zoom in and out, which is especially useful when you are browsing maps, articles, etc. This dial is called a “digital crown”, and upon pressing it, it takes you back to the main screen, where you can enter another app. The Apple Watch has a really slick interface which certainly resembles other iOS devices. Swiping is really smooth, and you can do a lot of things on the device like check the calendar, listen to music, or play games.

Check out the demo below and let us know what you think of it by leaving a comment. Do you think the Apple Watch will be a serious competitor to Motorola and LG?

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Source: Apple