Microsoft Surface Pro Is Still Losing NFL Business After Coach Takes Shocking Action

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surface-pro-4-losing-nfl-businessMicrosoft Surface Pro devices are some of the best ones that Microsoft has to offer to its customers. Despite the fact that these devices had received a lot of positive feedback from the customers, there are also some buyers which claim that their Surface Pro device is not working as well as they thought.

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One unsatisfied customer is New England Patriots’┬áhead coach Bill Belichick. After he reported that the device’s connectivity in the stadium is weak, something that made him stop using the gadget and return to the classic paper and pen method. He declared to the reporters that he can’t take it anymore because there are always issues on the sideline caused by the technology. It seems like the head coach is not mad only at the tablet, but also on the entire group of devices that his team has to deal with. Bill Belichick used Motorola headsets for 13 years but switched them with Bose in 2014. Despite the beef with the communication and connectivity problems, he also has with the tablets themselves declaring that the devices are a failure on a regular basis.

Microsoft Losing NFL Business

macbook-air-vs-surface-pro-4There’s also the troubleshooting process. Considering the fact that there are so many different systems and pieces of equipment involved in this process, it is very hard to predict which problem will emerge. That being said, the life of Pats’s IT guy is very difficult, especially when the league is giving the team their gameday gear only a couple of hours before the kickoff. In his statement, Belichick also added that the new generation devices are too predictable for him and because of that he will stop using the tablets and will go back to the reliable printed pictures. Microsoft responded to the media, declaring that they don’t see what the coach’s problem is because they received a lot of positive feedback from other coaches and players all around the league.

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