Surface Pro 4 vs iPad Pro Sales: Microsoft Outsells Apple in UK

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Apple iPad Pro Units Being Recalled In The UKMicrosoft Surface Pro 4 has been in competition with the Apple iPad Pro ever since the latter was announced and it’s been an insanely tight competition ever since. A recent analysis though reveals that Microsoft’s tablet is winning this battle in Europe where the Surface Pro 4 has sold more units in the UK than the iPad Pro.

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It’s been some time since the Surface Pro 4 was outed and initially, the iPad Pro was selling more units than the Surface Pro 4 but it seems that changed lately. A recent report coming from Calanys suggests that the Surface Pro 4 has outsold the iPad Pro in the UK which is very interesting news because Apple devices sell very well in Europe. This could mean trouble for Apple which is already seeing a very steady decrease in global sales in both the smartphone market as well as the tablet market. There’s more to this analysis than this, though, as Microsoft is advancing in the tablet business.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Beats iPad Pro

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 and Microsoft Surface Pro 4According to The Magister, Surface Pro devices sold approximately 275,000 units as opposed to 107,000 iPad Pro units in the UK. This is more than double the number of units its competition sold and it appears that the primary factor in this battle is in fact pricing, as the iPad Pro is far more expensive and the accessories add up to more than the Surface Pro 4 does. This is a very important factor in this weak economy and Apple needs to take a different approach this year if it wants to beat its competition, especially since the tech company is in so much financial trouble.

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Source: WinBeta

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