Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Black Friday Deals Should Be Amazing

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Huge Surface Pro 4 DealMicrosoft Surface Pro 4 is a great tablet/PC hybrid, and a lot of people are getting their wallets ready for Black Friday 2016 and Cyber Monday but you might be surprised to hear about the latest deal involving Microsoft’s device, and it’s not a bad deal either. The scheduling is strange, but the deal is great.

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The latest deal for the Surface Pro 4 comes from no other place than Microsoft itself. The tech company is reeling in early customers way ahead of Black Friday, and this could be a sign. Could Microsoft expect a low participation for this Black Friday? We just don’t know yet. However, the thing to talk about here is that the Surface Pro 4 Core i5/128 GB version is getting a huge $100 discount and if you’re a student or an educator then you can get an additional 10% discount. ¬†Keep in mind that this 10% is at the discounted price, not the initial one, so it doesn’t amount to as much as it did before the deal.

Black Friday 2016 Surface Deals

surface-pro-4-losing-nfl-businessWhile this may look like a great deal, you could choose, understandably, to save your money for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. We’ve already seen plenty of leaked lists which show some fantastic Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book discounts so basically this one is just a preview. You should take a look at the leaked Black Friday discount lists for most US-based retailers such as Amazon, Sam’s Club, Target and more. If you like what you see, then consider saving your bucks and purchase the popular tablet device once the consumer event starts to kick off.

Are you going to take Microsoft up on this Surface Pro 4 deal or are you waiting for Black Friday to start? Be sure to leave a comment below.

Source: Microsoft

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