Microsoft Surface Book, Surface Pro Update: Firmware Updates for Stability and Performance Released

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Huge Firmware Update On Surface BookMicrosoft Surface Book and Microsoft Surface Pro devices were recently hit with a fresh firmware update straight from Microsoft, and these updates bring forth some exciting performance enhancements. We’re looking at some Nvidia updates too for stability, and if you haven’t received the update yet, then you’d be best to check because it’s a great one.

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We’ve seen few good updates from Microsoft as the tech company has mostly been ignoring its Surface lineup when it comes to software. We’ve seen atrocious battery life issues on the Surface Pro 3, but that also got fixed via the software side. The latest update coming in from Microsoft is meant for performance enhancements, something that Surface users usually care about. We’re talking about a significant stability update, but Microsoft is also rolling in an update for the Nvidia GeForce GPU as well as the UEFI drivers, an update meant for system stability. The update should arrive automatically to your Surface Book or Surface Pro device in the coming weeks.

Microsoft Surface Brand Growing

surface-pro-4-and-surface-book-huge-dealIt seems that Microsoft has given the Surface brand a lot of attention. Lately, we see Microsoft expand pretty deeply into the Enterprise field, and if they’re doing this, it means they want to make more devices so this plan can go on. We know they’re planning the Surface Phone, and this device should hit the stores somewhere before Summer 2017. More Surface tablets are also expected, but before those devices hit the market, we expect a hefty amount of updates because Microsoft is looking to perfect its mobile OS. Performance enhancements and battery improvements on an update means something bigger is coming.

Have you already received the update for your Surface Book and Surface Pro device? Be sure you don’t forget to leave a comment and tell us about how it behaves after the update.

Source: MSPowerUser

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