Magpul Cases Now Available for Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4

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Magpul finally has given up to potential customers’ requests, the company has released its rifle magazine PMAG-inspired tactical Field Cases for the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S3. Even if it’s a little late, these are the first cases for Android phones that Magpul has ever done and we are glad that the company has finally took Android devices into consideration for their cases.

The cases for the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S3 will start shipping by December for $16.95, and will be available in 14 different colors. The Field Case has the same semi-rigid thermoplastic elastomer construction as the Magpul iPhone cases.

Here is a list with the official features of this incredibly durable case:

  • Protection against minor bumps and abrasions.
  • compact design which adds minimal bulk to the phone.
  • Textured surface and PMAG-style ribs for added grip.
  • Raised lip to protect screen while the phone is laying screen down.
  • Charging cable port and headphone jack are accessible while the case is installed.
  • Easy installation and removal.
  • Slides easily in and out of pockets without snagging.
  • Designed and manufactured in the United States of America.

Samsung-Galaxy-S4-And-Galaxy-S3It’s nice to see accessories finally made by companies that used to create stuff exclusively for iDevices. Android is coming forward as strong as ever, and every company involved in the mobile world knows that.

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You can buy the Magpul field case for the Galaxy S4 through their official site here.

Are you getting a case for your Galaxy S3 or Galaxy S4 from Magpul? Let us know in the comments below.