LG G6: Features Wish List

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lgg5 camera moduleIn our review of the LG G5, we hailed LG for being one of the first OEMs to invest into modular smartphones. As we have said many times, modular smartphones are the future of the industry. With its dual cameras and curious modules for battery expansion and camera physical controls, LG G5 has turned a lot of heads. However, LG G5 doesn’t check all the right boxes — and that is why we are hoping that LG G6 will be a beast of a phone.

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Rumors have suggested that LG G6 is likely to be unveiled in April 2017, along with the introduction of wireless charging. That’s just one of the features we would like LG G6 to debut with. Here is a comprehensive list of everything we, and all LG fans, would like to see.

Improved Design

LG G6 Features

LG finally gave way to an all metal design with the LG G5, but the sloppy paint job on the rear of the phone nullified all the glory. Even though we felt metal when we held the phone in our hands, it looked like cheap plastic to all our friends. Furthermore, the LG G5’s design was pretty basic in a world of curved displays and edge-to-edge screens. We hope that LG G6 scores big on the design front — not just a build that feels premium, but also a design that makes jaws drop.

Bigger, better battery

lgg5 battery

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Okay, yes, kudos to LG for giving us a removable battery in their flagship. But that seems a little pointless when the battery life itself is abysmal. LG G5 packs a 2800 mAh battery, which is even smaller than its predecessor. Flagships from other OEMs are packing in at least a 3000 mAh battery. I am sure that LG fans will be fine if LG G6 has an unremovable battery, but offers a much better battery life. We hope LG sees the light and incorporates a bigger battery in its next flagship.

Fingerprint Sensor on the front

LG G6 Concept

The fingerprint sensor on the LG G5 is on the back, and many people like having it there. It is far easier to reach when you’re using your phone, especially with one hand. However, there is a large number of people who would rather have it in the front with the LG G6. This makes sense, because a home button with an integrated fingerprint scanner is often part of the symmetrical design element. Moreover, it makes unlocking your phone easier if you are picking it up from a desk. Hopefully, LG G6 will have a fingerprint sensor on the front of the phone, unlike its predecessor.

Front-firing stereo speakers

LG G6 Build

LG G5 features a single speaker on the bottom edge of the phone. This gets the job done but obviously doesn’t come close to what front-facing stereo speakers offer. Yes, we agree that most of the people use headphones to listen to audio — but it would be good if we could watch videos without accidentally closing the speakers on the side. We sincerely hope that LG G6 features front-firing speakers.

More functional modules

LG G6 Camera

LG G5 brought an incredible concept to the table — modules. However, the implementation wasn’t that impressive. The number of modules wasn’t astonishing at all. What we want from the LG G6 is simple — more modules, useful modules. We would really like to see full blown implementation of modular tech in LG G6.

Wide Angle lens with the front facing camera

If you have ever tried the wide-angle lens on the LG G5, you’ll know how incredibly wide field of view from the lens is. We hope that a similar functionality makes it way to the front facing camera too.

In conclusion, we would like to say that wishing for a bunch of nifty features isn’t enough — they also need to come together and function as one incredible device. We hope that LG G6 all that is expected of it, and then some.