LG G2 Android M Update Cancelled

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LG G4 Will Get Android MAccording to some new reports, Google’s upcoming operating system will arrive on the newer generations LG flagships but unfortunately, we won’t be seeing Android M on the LG G2. This was to be expected as most devices only get about 2 major updates after which they get forgotten, but it’s still pretty sad to see the LG G2 left behind.

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Android M is going to bring forth a lot of new features. One of them is multi-window support to other devices, and another one is flexible volume controls. According to the Android M changelog it appears that we could also be seeing theming support along with a dark Android theme, but this is not decided yet. It’s a pretty big update but probably not as big as its predecessor, Android L which introduced dozens of new features along with the Material Design philosophy which has been a raging hit ever since. LG’s flagships are a mark of true quality and it was to be expected that they’ll be getting Android M, but LG G2 fans will be disappointed. Still, you will probably be able to flash a decent ROM on it.

Could Android M Arrive In September?

Android MAccording to most rumors it appears that next month is the most likely release month for Android M. Google is launching two new Nexus devices: Nexus 6 from Huawei and the LG Nexus 5, and with these two devices we will definitely be seeing Android M in the wild. We know that Google’s flagship devices are always the first to receive the newest Android update but this doesn’t come as a surprise to any of us.

How do you feel about LG G2 not getting Android M? Do you have any of the aforementioned devices? If so, let us know what you think about them.

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  1. It’s an unfortunate thing with devices we love/own and the introductions to newer and more efficient technologies along the way.
    However, I will say this.
    I’ve enjoyed my LG G2 as much as I possibly could.
    The beautifully flushed back buttons demolished any ugly looking buttons in the front.
    For it’s time, the G2 was one of the best of smart phones and still is a decent phone.

    LG has brought upon us a niche and impressive Smartphone model series.

    The G2 with it’s last patch AKA Lollipop, it maxiizes the phones capabilities, and it also shows its age too.
    With it’s awesome 1080p resolution with quick response time, the G2 made web browsing particularly easy. However, replying to forums, articles, blogs etc…. the new update bugged the G2s typing layout.
    With the final Lollipop update/patch, the G2 was much better in terms of glitching while typing. (If you maid a typo, backspacing would create/paste new words and phrases along the way, resulting in needing to delete more. )
    This is a huge pain in the butt. I assume with the newer G models, this is heavily reduced if not any issue at all.

    With better hardware specs released every year, it’s an almost no brainer to switch your new phone out at least every two years now.

    The only issues before about doing this is A. Cost B. Saving data/Transferring data to next phone successfully.

    A. Most of us are in some sort of contract with a carrier, it’s inevitable. And if you’re not, carriers are alleging zero contracts with minimal payment fees for all devices they sell. Making that $300 up front cost, becoming around $15-20 a month additional. Or, you can wait about 3 months and have that very model you’re looking at for 0$ to renew your contract. Not wanting to contract back up with your current provider? Go get a new carrier, even better incentives for being new!

    Technology pays off as it advances. The G2 took it’s course and we G2 lovers should be proud of that.
    The G4 is a fantastic upgrade from the G2, however, I may just wait for it’s successor, because the G2 still works amazing for me.

    • Yes.. given how poorly the 5.0.2 release runs (battery drain), it would be nice to at least get 5.1..1 which supposedly fixes the problems.

  2. i am with this device for a year and few months , lollipop just ruin all of the pleasure to use it . If they dont give us at least 5.1.1 till month or two i will never buy LG again . No meter Nexus or not. Using Android around 5 years so far but the LG software support is the most terrible from all .

  3. Drguru you have no idea what the hell you are talking about.
    I think you are some stupid automated troll actually.
    The G2 is MORE than powerful enough to run all the latest android OS and apps.
    It doesn’t lag AT ALL with lollipop if set up correctly.
    The G4 being faster has nothing to do with its hardware.
    CloudyG2 3.3 is what you need.
    Snapdragon 800 is still better than the 615 for example.

  4. We all g2 users want android m update. Lg g2 was the phone that changed the pov towards lg and brought up the market and new oppurtinities for LG. That wouldn’t be fair for lg to neglect g2 from getting latest update. We didn’t get 5.1 update so atleast we can hope to get the latest os.

  5. True,LG is very backward when it comes to upgrade point of view.
    Giving out such a good phone with a very bad upgrade through.No one would buy LG if it carries the same in future.It should give atleast 5.1.1..to keep lg customers attached.

  6. My LG phone worked superbly with KitKat 4.4.2. Then the auto update feature default automatically downloaded 5.0.2 to my G2. I turned the feature off, but it was too late. Mt G@ phone was ruined by the update. Had I known the 5.0.2 update was a part of the update list, I would never had installed it. My KitKAt was perfect and I did not care if I ever got another update.

    Because there is no bacon feature, I’m stuck with a broken G2. I had to go to Textra for texting, the control keep customization feature was wiped out and lost. And so much more!!! I don’t care whether it is 5.1.1 or M a clearer upgrade should have been provided to fix all the problems caused by 5.0.2.

    This is my 4th LG phone. There will not be a 5th. I will go to Samasung or another premier provided like my daughter did.