KitKat Update Android 4.4.3 Bugs: Nexus 10, Nexus 7, Nexus 4, Nexus 5

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Android 4.4.3 Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 7, and Nexus 10Nexus 5, Nexus 4, Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 Android 4.4.3 update started rolling out barely a few weeks ago and while this update was expected to fix the bugs which were first noticed when Android 4.4.2 KitKat started rolling out, it seems that Android 4.4.3 just made the matter worse by bringing in some of its own bugs and issues.

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Nexus update brings in fixes more bugs

This 4.4.3 update has affected quite a number of devices; the Nexus 5 and the Nexus 4 smartphones seem to be experiencing the most issues. We already talked about a few issues with the Android 4.4.3 update previously, but as more people update, more reports of bugs are coming in.

One of these issues is WiFi connectivity in Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 devices. This could also be happening to other devices but these two seem to be taking the most brunt. Whether the issue is an unstable connection or a weak signal isn’t yet clear, but what we know as now is, that a lot of people are having issues with their WiFi.

Then we’re seeing Nexus 4 owners experiencing random reboots after updating to the Android 4.4.3. This was an issue that is being reported since the Android 4.4.2 and it seems to have carried over into the new update as well. Nexus owners are even experiencing bugs with notifications, battery life, exchange email services and 3G connectivity. Some users are seeing bugs with the BBC application, others are having issues with the new dialer and some are even experiencing random errors with the Google Play Store application.

From the looks of it, the bugs people are experiencing all seem random; there’s isn’t really any identifiable pattern as of yet. Not everyone is having these issues and they are not easily reproducible. This is probably why another update may not be pushed anytime soon. We could see a small hot fix sent out but Google will most likely hold off on fixing anything else until the next major Android update. The only thing we can suggest now is to do a factory reset, if you’re experiencing random bugs with your 4.4.3 update.

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Have you been able to update to the 4.4.3 on your Android device? If so, are you seeing any issues that you weren’t experiencing before? Share with us in the comments section below.


    • That is some bad news. Does it work if you do a factory reset and start fresh? I know that’s a lot to ask and you can lose a lot of data if you don’t do the proper backups. However, with an issue like this, that’s the only thing I can think of that would fix it

    • No issues yet….the auto brightness is working well but the 3G connectivity is lost sometimes…other than that all is working fine….I have a rooted nexus 4 with faux kernel and have lowered the voltage by 125 mV or something like that…gives me more of battery backup and have also overclocked the GPU to 450..

      • Why would u bother o’er clocking, ur full of shit anyway stock android is rooted, and u can’t over clock got because u would need super user access to the kernel.
        Pull ur head in and stop talking shit.
        This post is shit also, not one ounce of evidence and all propaganda and speculation. Just wanna shit Wright up so they can be first in Google now results.

        • The bimairies for 4.4.3 were out before the ota and was compiled and rooted…I don’t see what’s so outrageous about what was said.

    • Since my update to 4.4.3. I have been facing very weak WiFi issues and sometimes there us no connectivity itself. Also playstore is showing some errors while trying to download. This update is directly affecting the performance of my mobile.. So sad..

    • After updating my Nexus 5, the follow issues showed up:
      – GPS have issues maintaining lock for more than 1 minute
      – Dialer not showing up on the first attempt. Pressing back then the press the dialer again would bring it up however

    • I am experiencing WiFi dropouts, where it says no internet connection on my nexus 7.on update. 4.3.2 and now this new update. and battery drain. I did have weak WiFi hut bought a WiFi booster and my strength now is excellent but yet it still drops out. my Samsung S5 running KitKat 4.3.2 has no problems with WiFi but dfoies havemp fast battery drain.

  1. I updated my nexus5 from 4.4.2 to 4.4.3
    Niw my wifi doesnt work. Its grayed out. I have tried everything. Downgrading, rooting, ither roms etc
    This upgrade fucked up my phone

    • Maybe try a custom kernel? I want to say there some code in there that will affect the WiFi module, but if you have tried another ROM then it would have changed your kernel too 🙁

      I have upgraded two Nexus 5s to a 4.4.3 ROM(Paranoid Android) and neither are experiencing this issue. I’m sorry I can’t offer anymore help other than to suggest a clean install(which it seems like you’ve already done).

    • I have to reboot my router frequently to connect. Stupid. Only my home network, not anywhere else. My laptops don’t have this issue with my home network.

  2. (NEXUS -4 user ) M facing random reboots while using camera application. however bettery life has improved conciderably, but at the same time Phone is taking more time to full recharge, around 6 to 8 hours. Dialer is improved applications working stable. However there are randome stuck incidents while draging screen

  3. Nexus 4 – no issues at all so far. Maybe the phone is running a little hotter than usual and snapchat still has issues but overall the only difference I see is that the phone is slightly more responsive. I suspect the issues are reported by people who have installed a lot of custom Roms, kernels, etc. and that they are having some holdover effects after updating. Just my nonprofessional opinion though.

    • That’s what I was thinking. That it affected people with rooted phones. Because my Nexus 5 seems more responsive and battery life has improved. And I have not rooted just running factory stock.

      • I have an unrooted N4, and have definitely noticed a few bugs.

        I’m experiencing dramatically reduced battery life – the battery will only last 5-6 hours, even with minimal use (WiFi on/off makes no difference)

        I haven’t noticed any WiFi/Camera issues or random restarts, though.

  4. I am experiencing random reboots on Nexus 4..Last time it happened was when I trying to take a pic..Battery running out faster than before as well..Really sad..

  5. Nexus 5: 2 days since update, and on both days my battery has been appalling. I looked today and apparently it was the Google Dialler app that had used over 30% of my battery, despite only making 3 or 4 very short phone calls (all less than 1 minute). Also, the Google Play Services had used 11% battery which seemed high, and my GPS was also turned on despite not having any apps open which required it.

    I’ve not noticed any improvements in performance, although I do prefer the layout of the new dialler app. If only it would be battery efficient.

  6. Increased random rebooting, excessive heating, a little laggy, are some of the major issues I’m facing. Also the camera app is very ‘unstable’ (?). Takes time to respond and aids random reboots as well.

  7. I have a Nexus 4 and have been having trouble since the update. WiFi is very slow, the Microsoft outlook app is no longer able to sync, and sometimes the phone doesn’t ring when a call comes through.

  8. Nexus 4 bricked
    Two days ago i update my N4 with no problems . Yesterday i couldn’t connect to 3g and for some reason the sim card disconnected at random reconnected(i assume because pin code was requested). Today the phone reboots (btw i wasn’t doing anything) and then stuck at google logo(4 cycles), i have already try to hard reset the phone 2 times with the stock android system recovery (no root, i run stock android on my N4 ).

  9. Well my nexus 5 Google music application is shuting down randomly at times and sometimes it happens very often in series of try I make to open it.

  10. I have a N5 and my wifi bug is it shows a very weak signal ad well as lots of drop downs in both wirless and 3g connections but mainly wireless . also the camera app force closes and the shutter is super laggy . LED notification for missed calls bug is still there . Oh and last but not least ; some functions in aviary photoeditor arent working after updating.

  11. I have a N5 and my wifi bug is it shows a very weak signal as well as lots of drop downs in both wireless and 3g connections but mainly wireless . also the camera app force closes and the shutter is super laggy . LED notification for missed calls bug is still there . Oh and last but not least ; some functions in aviary photoeditor arent working after updating.

  12. My Nexus 5 was updated this Monday, everything look fine. I check Auto bright is working, wifi is working, and the battery is little longer than before 4.4.2.

  13. My nexus 5 is experiencing severe battery drain after updating to android 4.4.3. It hardly lasts 5-6hrs even with normal usage

  14. I updated my nexus 5 to 4.4.3, I am facing network drop issue, battery life issue
    But the new dialer is best.
    Is Google going to fix these problems? In kitkat or going to release new android update this june

  15. TMobile N5 16gb here. 5 days on 4.4.3 and I also experience brightness fluctuating while set at 50%. But like previous verdion, I still get poor cell data connection if I am on the street- if I turn off the wifi cell data goes back to TMobile fast.

  16. Nexus 6 .. After updating from 4.4.2 to 4.4.3 my battery life decreased… And this is not good.. I am feeling 4.4.2 was good..

  17. I’m using nexus 5 and on 4.4.3
    Noticed that when I have activated ‘Power button ends call’ and I’m talking on speaker phone the phone’s display will dim and eventually goes blank as per the sleep time settings, but thats the dead end.. There is no way to wake up the phone while you are talking except to press the power button which eventually ends the call. Desperately looking for a solution.

  18. Nexus 5. So far I’m having a battery drain from some camera app and every now and then can’t search anything on Google.. Not sure what’s up with that but I have to open chrome and use to search anything.

  19. Hi, I updated is to 4.4.3 but still facing the issue of battery drain inspite of non camera usage.
    When u open a web page in chrome, the load bar will not move at all.. But page loads after sometime..
    Else everything look n feels good..

  20. WiFi issues – 2.4 GHZ is slowed down considerably on the download. The upload seems to be only slightly affected. 5ghz band does work at all unless you are incredibility close to the router. The other issues reported by users aren’t affecting my phone. Nexus 4

  21. I am on nexus 5 and updated to 4.4.3. Haven’t experienced any of these issues that people are talking about. One thing I noticed that the led blinking light keeps blinking even after I have cleared the notifications.

  22. I am using Nexus 5. updated 4.4.2 to 4.4.3 and after updating my phone I observed that my battery back up is came down and also it is taking more time to get charged …

  23. Owner of a nexus 10. I have been experiencing random reboot problem since 4.4.2 and had battery drain issues bad enough to kill the battery while charging, & 4.4.3 hasn’t fixed much. I had one reboot already, plus now I’m experiencing WiFi problems I never had before. I’m not exactly looking forward to doing a third FR, but I’ll have to if a hot fix don’t come soon. This is the price you pay for being on the front line of Google™.

  24. I am experiencing problem with WiFi and also battery life is reduced significantly phone is slower. I thought these upgrades were too help battery life and help other problems. I am going back too samsung as I have never have these problems and I know their phones will not be deleted.

  25. Nexus 4 user no issues so far everything seems to be running smoothly I rather like the new phone setup for calls I only updated a week ago so we’ll see as I continue to use it as I have a lot of apps and games as well as Roms. as of right now I am satisfied with my update.

  26. Nexus 4- 4.4.3 upgrade messed up my phone. I am not able to answer phone calls. the phone will ring, then the lower buttons disappear, and no matter what I tap on the screen, it will not respond until the call ends. Help.

    • I had the same thing happen with my nexus 4. Also having intermittent issues with Bluetooth connections that never happened prior to the update.

    • Does the entire screen go black or only those buttons disappear? If the entire screen is going black make sure nothing is covering the upper left corner of your phone screen where the proximity sensor is.

  27. I am facing a problem with the play music where the app crashes when browsing through the library.. Also there is frequent network loss..

  28. Every night my Nexus 5 experiences a network blackout. In the morning, i have to restart the phone at least twice to get the network signals back on. Sad, but this is the only issue I have on my phone since the update. . love this phone though!! Thanks man, appreciate your efforts. 🙂

  29. My rooted black nexus4 switches off completely from to time for up to 15 minutes since 4.4.2. The recent upgrade didn’t fix this.

    My wife’s not-root white nexus4 running 4.3 was returning a system error in the middle trying to upgrade automatically. Previsly has upgraded from 4.2 gracefully. This time had to do it manually.

  30. My nexus 4 seems to be experiencing data drops every few minutes or so after flashing paranoid android 4.4.3 and the new 1.02 radio. Tried flashing semaphore kernel 2.2.2 and it’s still the same.

  31. Battery draining fast and also lags after closing YouTube app. Also even though page has completely loaded in chrome the progress bar is still on half that way and stable.

  32. Nexus 4. Experiencing problems with video playing. From web sites, like uproxxx for example. The video starts and then the picture gets stuck, sound is playing, and the phone stops responding for about two minutes. Completely stuck, can’t click on anything. This happened a few times since the update.

  33. Nexus 5 …After Update my battery life actually increased… all the bug regarding camera resolve &handset actually works perfectly… no bugs…happy with update now…

  34. Nexus 5- Updated 4.4.3 version- Battery draining like hell on normal usage, bad connectivity over WiFi, Google play music has stopped working (for more than 24 hrs now), slight lag in response time…Basically this new update has made my Super-awesome phone to a super-dumb phone…Really not happy with the new version.

    • Same as, the only small issue I’ve had is sometimes I can’t answer calls with out pushing the power button first twice. Randomly happens.
      Dj Spindle

  35. Nexus 4 updated to 4.4.3 a few days ago. Wifi keeps disconnecting. But then switching runtime from dalvik to art solved it and so far everything has been smooth! No random reboots yet either.

  36. I upgraded my Nexus 5 a couple of days ago. So far it seems OK, but there aren’t major changes except the dialer.

    I had random shutdown and restarts on 4.4.2 but after the update to 4.4.3, this seems to have gone away.. too soon to confirm though.

    The battery is draining a little bit faster, but that’s perhaps because of better 4G reception in my area.

    Overall the phone feels quicker and responsive.

  37. After new update my nexus 5 device sometime stuck on home screen and reply slower than earlier 4.4.2. Its seems that somewhere bug holding RAm.

  38. After the update i am unable to give voice command to google now on my Nexus 5 and my camera focus is also taking a longer time to set its focus . My battery is also draining very fast.

  39. We have five Nexus 4’s in our family and we’re all experiencing disastrous battery life times. The battery lasts no more than a few hours with moderate email usage and extremely minimal internet or phone use. I was stuck abroad yesterday for a whole day without access to my phone because it ran out of charge so quickly – and that’s with me switching it off on the plane and not allowing data roaming.

    We all also notice random telephone calls being made by the phone “automatically” and a very interesting new feature letting us know how long it will take to travel from home to a particular destination, whether or not we asked for that information.

    Yesterday the phone told me my flight would be late despite the fact that I had never entered my flight details into the phone – how did it know!?

  40. I own a nexus 5.. After the update, the phone has started getting hotter… Battery drains very fast and camera app crashes frequently now ..

  41. Nexus 5
    Bbc weather drained battery like crazy, uninstalled.
    Have the nlp wake lock blocked and flashed the Franco kernel and now my battery life is how I expect it should be, with some use its getting to 60% after about 10 hours.

  42. Nexus 5. Battery is fine. Apps fine. Continued network drop and difficulty reconnecting. Pre update and not fixed in 4.4.3. Also mobile data just stops working and will not activate without a reboot. 4.4.3 did not fix this problem. Small annoyances but was hoping they’d be corrected. Otherwise love this phone!

  43. I am on Nexus 4. WiFi gets disconnected after some time. I faced this issue on 4.4.2 and was hopeful with 4.4.3 bug will get fixed. But after 4.4.3 update I have same problem. I have factory reset my phone also but it does not help.

  44. After updating to 4.4.3 to Nexus 5, battery drains quickly. After closing any app chrome exits. Like I opened chrome..did surfing then I exit it. Then I go to other app use it. When I close my current also exits in background. Silly bug.

  45. I have had absolutely no problems with my nexus 5 before or after the update. I think it’s the best phone I’ve ever owned.

  46. I am having a Nexus 5. After upgrading to 4.4.3, I am facing the following problems:
    1. Battery drains faster.
    2. Wi-Fi connectivity poor.
    Have not tried other applications. Hope Google takes remedial measures for these problems/ bugs.

  47. Nexus 7 2012 (WiFi)

    Eventhough Google has not update my n7 I push the image and now I m now in ktu84l. Previously I have a problem with unstable WiFi. In this 4.4.3, WiFi connected is very fast, but it did I not fix the unstable WiFi. Is it my hardware or is it still a bugs for n7.

    Thanks in advance

  48. Nexus 5
    After upgrade, Issue with 3G connectivity. And notifications. Even though I keep my phone on vibrate, even though notifications come to my phone, I don’t get notified sometimes.

    I play a lot of games, so don’t know if the battery drain is due to that or upgrade. Have not seen any improvement in battery life.

  49. The only problems i’ve been having with the 4.4.3 update is Apps keep crashing and wireless charging does charge anymore

  50. IIf I turn my phone to silent and then back up, audio for imbedded videos doesn’t work. The media volume says it’s at full and changing it does nothing. With m. vol at full, I loaded the YouTube app to see if it was just in browser. The media volume showed it turned down in YouTube and it worked when I turned it up.
    I haven’t tried yet to recreate it.

  51. My nexus 5 looses network connection signal daily event tho it says LTE and connected Tmobile I will see a message that says I’m offline or no networkconection. I also have galaxy and Sony in my home same network and no problems with signal. I’m using my jump upgrade next month to go galaxy I like my n5 but signal problem is a huge problem for me. Time for me to change cells . .I don’t notice any other problems and my WiFi works great

  52. Idk about WiFi, but it use to take me to load a web page about 3-4 seconds, and that use to be normal. Now I cannot load pages. It takes about a minute to start showing anything on the page and it isn’t my provider, because my girlfriend has an iphone on the same data plan and her connection is blazing fast. Pls fix!

  53. I’m on nexus crashes everytime i use a suggestion in the search box but only if i use it directly..when i use the arrow to autocomplete, it works fine..i’m not experiencing any other bug yet…

  54. 1. Battery drain big issue
    2. LED for missed call un fixed
    3. jumping between apps buggy my nexus 5 shows abnormal behaviour
    4. WiFi connectivity poor
    5. Signal drop quite often. The network just goes away and comes back on rebooting the phone also mentioned in some comments earlier

    These I could diagonise so far

  55. Experiencing random reboots on my 2013 Nexus 7. Never had this problem before. Wish I had not used the upgrade. My device was fine prior.

  56. My Nexus 4 after the update does not go to sleep when left inactive.
    On the positive side my magnetic sensor/ compass is now working after the update.

  57. I have nexus 5 and I have serious lags while using chrome after 4.4.3 update also it takes time for the power button to work after a reboot. It also doesn’t give me the speed I require on 3g networks. It gives me the worst results on benchmarks. I have been using art.

  58. exchange emails don’t send, tried removing and adding account again, no longer able to connect. says password is wrong, but it’s the right information.

  59. I m currently at 4.4.2. Using Moto G india. Whenevr i start whats app or write message in message from nowhere keys automatically start pressing dont know y it happens. In whats.. App text starts selecting by itself only… Any problem with d set or a softeare bug


  60. Mine Nexus 5 is working all fine. Wifi works qquite fine. No extra battery drainage. Everything working top class. Don’t know why all r facing so many problems. Infact my Bluetooth connectivity has improved a lot. The new dialer app is also gud.
    The new 4.4.3 is a win win package. Comeon andeoid… Keep pouring more.

  61. Nexus 5 – I’ve noticed the Google play store error. The wifi not connecting and g3 so slow in fact thinking about it my signal is g3 most of the time now I thought it was an 02 issue locally but maybe its not

  62. The “home” option in settings disappeared after the first day
    Really funny issue
    No other issues apart from that

  63. I m using nexus 5. After updating 4.4.3 data connection is dropping sometimes and . battery drain is the problem again.

  64. I don’t know how to express this i am currently using nexus 4 and i have some issues which i haven’t heard from anyone .. The issues are if i click an app say for example appy geek the app next to it launches .. And i’m experiencing particularly this one , while using chrome or any default browser my touch response is quite difficult i have to press it in a hard way to scroll down …

  65. Google play music doesn’t load automatically when paired with a device via Bluetooth. It used to before the update.

  66. Nexus 5 w/4.4.3 update – experienced dramatic battery drain. Turning off Wi-Fi has restored battery levels.

  67. Nexus 4, on 4.4.3. Updated the day it came out. After updating, rebooted once more; and things have been stable as can be ever since then. I haven’t rebooted since that time either. In fact, the uptime on all three of my 4.4.3 devices (N4, N7-2012, N7-2013) is all the same. They haven’t randomly rebooted once. I never have the issues people have though, so I’m a bad example.
    I use all these devices heavily (on a daily basis), so I feel like I would have noticed something.
    Ughh..IDK. Don’t feel bad people. iOS updates bring the same frustrations too.

  68. Using a 2013 Nexus 7 WiFi only on 4.4.3. No problems so far! Only thing might be a slight decrease in battery life. Auto brightness works fine and no WiFi problems at all. Actually, my device is working faster and without any lags or freezeups that it had with jellybean.

  69. Mine is N5 and the 4.4.3 update is super fine. The search improvement is a saver. The icon size is a bit like shit and everything is good so far now. The equalizer messes always.. YouTube app should be running minimized while locked at least for the next update of lollipop.

  70. Hey

    My Nexus 4 now has new Bluetooth issues. Previously the dropouts were fixed by disabling 5ghz WiFi, but now that doesn’t fix it and the dropouts are worse than ever. It is like I am losing my cell signal, then it drops out for up to 5 seconds. Then there is the battery life, that can, on some days be gone by 3pm!
    Come on Google, get things sorted, there are no excused on Vanilla builds on your prosucts.

  71. Nexus 5. No issues.
    Didn’t update to 4.4.3 using the OTA update but manually as I had my phone rooted. I like the new dialer and in fact, the battery life seems better than 4.4.2.

  72. After updating to 4.4.3, both my nexus 4 and my nexus 5 are having issues with texting. I’m not receiving all texts. Some go through and others don’t. Really frustrating

  73. Nexus 5 here. I may be using shitty apps, but it seems harder to switch between them. Takes about 2 secs for the bottom right button to react, then the app I switch to takes another 2 secs

  74. My n4 had no WiFi or auto brightness so I reflashed the radio, still problems, so reflashed boot loader then radio and that fixed it.

  75. Nexus 5 with 4.4.3…. Battery is draining like crazy! It was not a problem at all before the update. It’s enough to make me miss my super efficient flip phone actually. I’ve also noticed that MMS messages randomly won’t send/download and am having problems sending SMS. The only difference I’ve actually noticed since the update (other than the annoying bugs) is my caller screen has changed. Please tell me there was more to the update than that!!!!

  76. Google could’ve rolled out next major version, lot of issues coming up now with 4.4.3 update. In 4.4.2 I faced unstable data connection most of the times it was bad. Now after this update 4.4.3 it became worse. Atleast in the coming versions Google pls fix it.

  77. using a nexus 5 on franco kernel stock rom with HUGE battery issues, charging takes FOREVER and battery runs out like crazy, dialer bugs as well, everything works fine until you have to insert a number, when tapping on the dial pad it list gives a blank white screen and if you tap it it randomly places a call to the who were on your favourite list(depending on where you tap) nine of these issues were present in 4.4.2

  78. Nexus 5 updated right away when the update was rolled out. Just had a sudden restart in the middle of launching an attack in clash of clans. Could it be gpu extensive process causing the reboot? Could it be higher operating temperature as I have a tpu case on the back.

  79. On Nexus 5, experiencing massive battery consumption, persistent force close when entering address in chrome browser and random ui crashes. Any ideas what Google’s plans are?

  80. I had a random reboot and network connectivity issues and one instance of “SIM removed” within the first 24 hours after applying the update. I wiped the cache partition and things are working much better. My phone is the Nexus 5 and I’m running stock. My upgrade was from 4.4.2 to 4.4.3.

  81. Nexus 4: wifi keys still not stored,wifi 5ghz band still not working(both of these issues started from the first KitKat update), yesterday I had 3 phone resets whilev using the camera, and also heat was considerably increased than before the update. ……….unacceptable!!

  82. First time that some apps have issues with connection “not available” .,,. And also experienced my first crash on a Nexus 5 which is less than 3 months old.

  83. My Nexus 5 goes super hot in just 10 min game play near camera. Losing trust on the phone. Hope Google does something about it.

  84. Weird problem in my Nexus 5, the wallpaper resets itself to the default wallpaper randomly in between while the phone is in sleep mode (screen turned off)
    Anyone else facing the same issue?

  85. Upgraded my Nexus 5 last week to 4.4.3 . No issues like battery drain or WiFi lost till now. My battery has juice even after full day 3G usage and average game play and internet browsing. My phone is on base ROM and not rooted yet.

  86. The android 4.4.3 has more bugs than ever….Application hangs as simple as Whatsapp & Google Play store. Phone Performance has significantly decrease and facing a lot of problem since update.

    The major Problem is Network Connectivity….using 3g network but the signal suddenly disappear…sometime signal strength is good but can’t connect to the internet…. fluctuation is GPRS connectivity ………..Google should fix these bugs in NEXUS 5 first then look for other devices

  87. Nexus on 4.4.3
    Following problems since update:
    1. Camera app crashed multiple times.
    2. Auto Brightness reponds slow.
    3. Delay/screen freeze in loading/playing games.
    4. Unstable WiFi.
    5. Wireless Charging doesn’t work properly, earlier it was all good.

    Not a huge tester but rest everything going good so far.

  88. I hadn’t experience or noticed any issues until I read this page. Then my nexus 5 randomly rebboted during a YouTube video. Not sure if this is related to a 4.4.4 thing, but it has never happened before.

  89. My Nexus 5 Battery lifetime really matters for to me a lot, after update to Android 4.4.3. The battery life shorten a lot than I expected and the clean master keep found a lot of junk file once I open many application..

  90. Most of the issues mentioned implies that the ones that used the doubt have the new bootloader and radio, I hear and see no issues when manually flash the images with fastboot, also the new radio fixes the wifi

  91. Because I’m usually on a custom ROM or running xposed framework I always flash the factory image when an update for my Nexus 4 and 7 is available. I’ve had none of the problems listed above. Battery life is great on both stock kernel and Franco. No WiFi problems, and overall everything feels snappier and more fluid on both devices.

  92. After the 4.4.3 update i Have been expreincing serious network drop issues as my battery is also getting drained very quickly… Is Google going to do something about this….I hope they do something fast .. This is very dissapointing ..

  93. Hi..
    I am using 4.4.3 ,but I am not facing any bug..
    though my battery performance has improved.., camera focussing is more now…

  94. I’ve got a nexus 4 and when ever I press the back button to go to home screen the WiFi option in settings pops up . and i’m facing the WiFi connection problem too .

  95. I’ve noticed a WiFi signal drop in my Nexus7 after The update.
    Seems to be working fine but The signal strenght is lower.

  96. My maps app keeps crashing after I have updated to 4.4.3 , which is a pain while you’re on your way and all of a sudden you don’t have the directions anymore.

  97. Nexus 5: battery drains very quickly and also i put my phone on slient and turn the WiFi off before i go to bed for sleep and when i wake up in the morning my WiFi is on, mostly.
    Also sensors during the call aren’t working, during the call when i take the phone away from my ear and the call is still on it does not turn the screen on for me unless i press the lock/power button to turn it on to see call duration or whatever.

  98. Hi, I have nexus 4 and facing battery and camera issue after getting 4.4.3 update.battery getting drain more quickly now and camera restarting automatically .

  99. Was having many of the issues on Nexus 5 mentioned. I did a “wipe cache partition” and it significantly made a difference. Not promising something for everyone, but might do the trick!

  100. I’m not 100% sure if this is due to 4.4.3, but my Nexus 5, 7, and Xperia Z Ultra Google Play Edition have not since been appeared on Google Device Manager.

  101. My Nexus 7 is rebooting for no reason. Sometimes when I’m not even using it. Come on Google, why did you rush an update only for it to crash your devices?

    • Low data rate in 3G clamped to 20kb/s. For Battery drain, I’am using Deep sleep battery application till 4.4.2 that expands a lot the use time

  102. (Nexus 4 user) Crashed everytime I tried opening the gallery. Couldn’t even connect to my PC to cleanup some files. The files didn’t even showup on my PC and the phone interface kept crashing. Worst experience after a year of usage. Takes a long time to save the pic to gallery. Lots of other issues too. Eagerly awaiting a fix from Google.

  103. After update to 4.4.3 face unlock on nexus 7 2013 stopped to work, frontface camera image is stretched, face recognition is currently useless.

  104. I hope this gets fixed soon. Battery runs out quicker apps are freezing and shutting down, can’t move apps to the left but can move them to the right, home button doesnt work properly, Google chrome. I’m sure there is other stuff I dont use not working properly. When you use this phone for your business it renders your business down the drain. Gonna put the gorilla glass to the test soon and buy a new phone.

  105. Updated Nexus 5 to Android 4.4.3 . I’m facing battery issues, battery draining faster than 4.4.2 as well as i’m facing 3G data connection issues as it goes out while downloading. Android 4.4.3 sucks! I would not have updated my Nexus 5 if i had known such bugs! 🙁

  106. Nex4 updated dialer sucks and volume crashes can’t hear anything just stops! No speaker phone no earpiece ……. I can’t even listen to the voice mails customers leave me!!!!!? I love the phone HATE 4.4.3

  107. DON’T DO IT!~!!
    I’m seeing MUCH LESS Battery Life (increased battery use) since the update on
    my (2012) Nexus 7. As much as a 20% increase in battery consumption by the
    system and I have the LCD Brightness turned as low as possible with Auto-off
    after 1 minute! I didn’t have to do that before this POS update~!!

    Thanks you Jerks at Google Android OS Dev!! I’m NOT updating my other (2013) Nexus 7-32GB now!

  108. Since running update have had so many problems at first could open play music and scroll at least half way through song list before it crashed now can’t even open the app,also have issues while making calls the signal just goes so obviously you lose the call then have to wait for signal to come back to phone back again never had any of these issues on 4.4.2 hope this is sorted soon

  109. My Phone keeps restarting when I use certain application like Skype or the camera.
    This has happened only post the new update … Nexus 5 just bought a month back.

  110. Updating my nexus10 was a mistake, many problems appeared: random crashes and reboots, very slow display of most applications, lags while showing films, etc. Even the display of running apps takes more than 3s to complete!
    Clearing several application cache improves the global performance, but without recovering the previous. I will try to reset to factory after saving my data, but if not successful, I think I’ll go back to the version 4.4.2.

  111. I “upgraded” my Nexus 7 (2012) to KitKat 4.4.3 a few days ago, and immediately started having problems unlocking the device. When it goes to sleep and I try to unlock it again by sliding the padlock icon, it makes the unlock sound, immediately followed by the lock sound and I’m back where I started. It doesn’t do this every time, and sometimes it will clear after a couple of attempts. But other times only a (really slow) re-start will clear it. I could do a factory reset, but frankly I don’t see why I should have to spend the best part of a day getting my device set up the way I like it. If anyone can help with this I’d really appreciate it. Thinking about finally giving in and getting an ipad instead.

  112. Running 4.4 RC2 ROM from paranoid android and not seeing too many issues however on my Nexus 10 suddenly the home button has stopped responding. Odd little bug I suppose. Nexus 5 is also running this ROM and so far no issues on that device. It did take me several attempts to get the PA ROM installed on the N10 and now I’m running into an MD5 mismatch for a gapps update. With the stock 4.4.3 update which I installed before the PA ROM, I feel as if wireless connectivity was much worse than on 4.4.2. Google should be held to a much higher standard than to deliver junk like this, particularly to their flagship devices.

  113. issues with my nexus 5 after upgrading to kitkat 4.4.3:
    1)automatic rebboting
    2)even if the phone is showing full network,phone is switched off for the person who is trying to call me(this is the most annoying thing)
    3)3G connectivity_does not gets connected easily
    4)dialer problem,phone gets hang sometimes dialing a number.

    Can you please let me know how to resolve these issues

  114. Nexus 4:
    I regret having done the update!
    * Battery life is terrible: phone dies 8 hours after fully charging and with very light use.
    * Spontaneous reboots, once or twice per day.
    * Loss of mobile network, and need to enter PIN code again.
    * Google Play freezes.

    I did a factory reset but no change.
    I even went back to Android 4.4.2, but guess what: the problem are still there!

    What next?

  115. I just got a notification on my Nexus 7 of another “NEW” Kitkat update, 4.4.4? Anyone know what this update is going to screw up?? Or does it fix the messes they made with 4.4.3?? (wrecked battery life, app crashes, very slow system responce

    I’m not installing it until I hear from MANY that it fixes and works! Google Android I don’t trust you now!!

  116. After 4.4.3 update my camera isnt working properly. After clicking a picture it takes 4-5 seconds to capture the image and in that moment if i happen to move the phone the pic comes blurred. This wasn’t the case earlier when the pic used to be captured at that moment itself

  117. Just updated to Android 4.4.3 on my Nexus 7 Tablet and now I cannot open the Play Store. Tried clearing cache but it didn’t help. Any suggestions?

    • I would try clearing Cache and Data. If this still doesn’t help then all I can think of is a Factory Reset

  118. Having battery draining problem . mostly when 3g data’s switched on I can only use the phone for 5-6 hours only and getting heated as normal. Please give a good solution I already did a factory reset and also signal changing significantly.

    • Since you have already done a factory reset, I doubt it is a bug with the install. KitKat uses a lot of battery power with its default settings.

      I would go into the Location settings and change this option to battery saver mode. Then I would go into the Advanced WiFi settings and make sure some things like ‘always scanning’ are disabled

    • If you go into Settings, then locate the Apps section. Swipe over to the ‘all apps’ tab and then locate the Chrome application. Clear both the cache as well as the data and let us know if this resolves the issue for you.

      You can also press the ‘uninstall updates’ option if this previous suggestion doesn’t fix it. Then you’ll want the Google Play Store to update Chrome back to how it was and then recheck it again.

      Also, what kind of WiFi issues are you having?