iPad Pro 2: What do we know right now [Specs, Price, Release Date]

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Apple iPad Pro was an absolute beast of a device. Both the iPad Pro models, powered by A9X chips, are extremely powerful and equally versatile. The tablet was able to perform all the tasks that you could throw at it. 2017 will see the launch of the second iteration of Apple’s iPad Pro.

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Apple marketed iPad Pro has the replacement for a notebook PC. While that is not entirely possible, iPad Pro is powerful enough to execute tasks like heavy browsing, media consumption, and gaming – and that is what a lot of users want in their computing device.

Tablet sales have declined in the past few years, but Apple is not likely to stop investment in the iPad lineup. There are many new changes rumored for Apple iPad Pro. In this article, we explore some of them. We will also discuss the possible release dates of the iPad Pro 2.

Bezel-Less Design

It has been well established by now that one of the technology trends that will gain speed in 2017 is the reduction in the size of bezels on the screen. This essentially allows companies to put in bigger screens in the same sized product.

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This is something that Apple is planning to do with the iPad Pro 2. According to several reports, including one from MacRumors, iPad Pro 2 will have a bezel-less design. The bottom bezel will be reduced significantly, although the upper bezel may stay to provide space for front camera and sensors.

Apple is also likely to ditch the home button on the iPad Pro 2 – this will be a consequence of reducing the bottom bezel. All these steps will ensure that iPad Pro 2 can house a 10.9 inch screen in the chassis of the current gen 9.7 inch iPad Pro. Both the variants of iPad Pro will also be slightly thicker.

Production already started for smaller iPad

Numerous reports suggest that Apple will introduce a new size of iPad Pro 2 – 10.5 inch screen. According to various rumors, Apple is going with this size for the iPad Pro 2 to attract business users. Apparently, according to surveys, business class prefers having a high-performing device that is not too bulky to carry around, and iPad Pro 2 10.5 inch can be the perfect companion.

This is the iPad Pro 2 model that is rumored to have no physical home button. However, there are scarce details as to how this will be implemented. With the iPhone 8, which is also rumored to have no home button, we know that the home button/fingerprint sensor will be embedded in the glass. There are no confirmed reports of a similar technology being used in iPad Pro 2.

No radical design change for iPad Pro?

There is no doubt about the fact that tablet sales all over the world are declining. And the reason behind that is that people don’t change their tablets as soon as they change their notebooks or smartphones. This is the reason why Apple is slowly transitioning to a three-year major update cycle.

According to  KGI Securities analyst Ming-chi Kuo, 2017 will see three new iPad Pro models, but none of them will have a radical redesign of any sort. According to him, we will see updated technology in iPad Pro in 2018, complete with much more powerful chipsets and OLED screens.

‘Economy’ iPad Pro in 2017?

However, he has also pointed out that in 2017, one of the models to debut will be an ‘economy’ option. It will be running the same SoC as the previous version of iPad Pro, but will probably come with a better screen and a few added features.

Kuo has an impeccable track record, so he is more likely to be right. We could see Apple overhauling the iPad lineup completely, getting rid of iPad Air and various iPad Mini models. We could see an updated iPad Mini, and variants of iPad Pro – one of which may feature no home button, and another one might be an economy option.

iPad Pro 2 Leaked Images

A number of iPad Pro 2 images have also leaked. The model that you see in the picture is a pre-production unit with just enough space to run iOS 10 and few test apps. From the images, you can see that this variant of iPad Pro 2 is not much different from its predecessor.

It is likely to carry forth the same adaptive display technology, Smart Connector and wider color gamut coverage.