HTC One Sense 5.5: How to Turn Off BlinkFeed

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HTC Sense 5.5 BlinkFeed

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Sense 5.5 hasn’t been out in the wild for very long – infact it’s still only featured on the slightly disappointing HTC One Max – but soon it should be heading to most of the high-end HTC handsets of this year. There’s lots of new features and things to know, and one of the most useful is how to disable BlinkFeed.

BlinkFeed was a headline feature of the HTC One and Sense 5: a concise, quick way to view all of your social media, news and entertainment sources in one place. It’s a clever addition to the phone, but it was a polarising one. HTC have said that 70% of users have tried BlinkFeed, which on the other hand means that 30% have never touched one of their flagship features.

A lot of the reason for the dislike of BlinkFeed has to do with the fact that it can never be switched off, so it’s a constant presence on your homescreen. Whilst yes, you could install a custom launcher and be done with it, various quirks of Sense (such as the lockscreen) make this a clumsy option.

With Sense 5.5, disabling BlinkFeed entirely is pretty easy. When you’re on the home screen, pinch two fingers together to get yourself into the home screen overview – the place where you can rearrange homescreens. In Sense 5.5, there’s now a button to turn off BlinkFeed on the top left.

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And that’s it.

For those who are interested, here is a video of Phil Nickinson from AndroidCentral disabling BlinkFeed on Sense 5.5.

I would say though that it’s worth giving BlinkFeed a try for a few weeks to get accustomed to it, as it’s really a rather good way of amalgamating all of those sites you flick through whilst waiting for the bus. However, if you can’t stand it, it’s good to know that the option is there.

For those who have BlinkFeed, do you use it? Would you switch it off if you could? Let us know!

Source: AndroidCentral