HTC One S 64 GB Special Edition Goes On Sale In Taiwan

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HTC One SHTC One S, an other wise good phone with an equally good price tag, somehow got neglected in the market but now that HTC is releasing a special edition of the device in Taiwan which would feature 64 GB of internal memory, it looks like that the quitely brilliant company is planning to set things right.

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Along with the launch of the One X+, the company also released HTC One S special edition which they like to call the HTC One SE, the special edition of the handset has been made available in Taiwan only which as you might be probably knowing is also the homeland of HTC. So far, nothing has been confirmed that whether the phone would be made available in other countries(including US) or not but experts anticipate that since the original HTC One S wasn’t much of a success in any other country, the company might omit a release for the upgraded version of the phone.

Apart from the internal memory the major difference between HTC One S and HTC One SE is that the latter would be making its debut with an Ice Cream White color which would give it looks that are very similar to its cousin, the HTC One X.

Earlier, the HTC One S was only available with only 16GB of on board space out of which only 10 GB was user available which seemed to be an issue to the music lovers who like to store a lot of music on their device. Just like the original model, a microSD card slot has also not been provided with the device.

As for the software side, the device will make its debut with Android 2.3 Ginger Bread on board and no with no Ice Cream Sandwich update in sight in the near future, there are chances that the device might not prove to be a lot of success, epsecially when Jelly Bean has been released for months now.

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